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Food Waste into Cooking Gas?!


Can you even believe that there is a device that will allow you to turn your food waste into cooking gas! Honestly, your throwing away your food waste anyways, might as well put it to good use. Literally, all I hear is savings!!!

The blow up machine just sits in your backyard! “Homebiogas is an off-grid system that generates clean energy without any electricity AND allows you to properly treat your household waste! The system produces up to 2 hours of cooking gas every day solely from your food scraps or animal waste, ” Homebiogas tells us themselves.

How it works:

The process is easy to assemble and doesn’t require a professional technician, HomeBiogas is a DIY kit!
The system is sent to your home with all the tools and a detailed guide, so it is super easy! All you have to do is activate your system and have a healthy colony of bacteria growing in the digester right in your backyard. Literally, your able to toss your food scraps and/or animal waste into the system and then after that it generates up to 2 hours of cooking gas and fertilizer DAILY. Talk about savings!! $$$




Below is a video that shows the HOMEBIOGAS in action!

Turn your food waste into cooking gas! Music by Joakim Karud

Turn your food waste into cooking gas!Music by Joakim Karud

Posted by Genius Club on Monday, November 20, 2017