About Me


My name is Taylor Houghton. I am currently a junior at University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. My major is Environmental Science with an emphasis in resource management.

My blog with consist of posts about ways to help make the Earth a more sustainable way to live! There will be posts about easy ways that YOU change your everyday lifestyle, how business are currently changing their ways in the United States, and what other countries around the world are doing. The post about how you can change the world are going to be simple things that don’t require much effort and are easy to do. They don’t require much effort on your part, but have a big impact on the world. The posts about businesses in the United States are going to show how the United States is taking action. The posts about other countries around the world are going to show what other countries are doing to help the environment, and maybe we can bring these ideas to our own country.

My overall goal is to create a blog that will have some sort of impact on the world. Even the small changes, make a big difference!

-Taylor Houghton