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What can I Recycle?

A lot of Americans are now recycling which is great! But… a lot of the times people don’t know what to recycle or if something is able to be recycled or not. To end this confusion and worry that I know we are all having, below is going to be that mystery list that contains what CAN and CANNOT be recycled!


I some found interesting information on They had 3 general guidelines that I thought would be beneficial to share:

  1. Recycle all bottles, cans, and paper
  2. Keep items relatively clean
  3. Don’t mix plastic bags in with the rest of your recycled items


With that said let’s go over the DO’s and DON’T!



 Plastics/Bottles: This includes any plastic bottles or containers.

Paper and Cardboard: This includes cereal boxes, snack/cracker cardboard boxes, phonebooks, magazines, mail (recommend to take your information off first), all paper, newspaper, and cardboard.

Metals: This includes tin, aluminum, and steel cans.

Glass: This includes food containers, jars, soft drink containers, beer, wine and liquor bottles.


do recycle items



Loose Plastic Bags: This includes plastic shopping bags and plastic stretch wrap.

Polystyrene Foam Cups or Containers: This includes egg cartons, take out containers and drinking cups.

Soiled Food Items: This includes food soiled containers and soiled paper products.

Others: This includes broken or sharp glass, fast food packaging and plastic utensils.

Don't Recycle Items



About 70% of our trash can be recycled

We only recycle 30% 🙁


Start recycling!!!!



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