To our dearest anita,

Hey there! I know it is summer, but I could not resist posting a few more blogs here throughout the next few months.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot believe that we have already arrived in the month of June. Time sure does fly. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting our residents for the first time at the first floor meeting of the year. Since then, a lot has happened. You formed strong relationships on your floor, maybe you had a few documentations, and you definitely attended some really awesome ARA sponsored events.

You certainly went through a lot this year. However, you made it through and now you are stronger than ever. Even better than that though is you have finally arrived at your summer! These next three months are yours. You have the ability to travel, work, be lazy, see friends or do whatever the heck you want!

Please use this time to rest and relax. Enjoy each and every moment of it. Sooner than we think, it will come to an end. These next few months are extremely important for you because you areĀ a student leader! Your residents are hoping for you to be at your very best, and that can only happen if you treat yourself like a flippin gem!

I know that the title for this blog is super cheesy, but I hope you see my point. You are so important to our campus and our residents. Take this summer at a slow and steady pace and be sure to savor every last second of it. I promise you won’t regret it.