Read more about how the wonderful Ari Owens surthrives as an ACD!

Name: Ari Owens

Hometown: Kenosha

Building that you work in: Tutt

Favorite Whitewater Location: The Sweet Spot

All schools attended: Aside from UWW, I attended Northern Illinois University à Mary D. Bradford High School à Bullen Middle School à Wilson Elementary School

Favorite memory from being an RA: Staff meetings! My staffs were always super funny. We would always crack jokes and support each other through a tough week during meetings.

Favorite memory as a Pro-Staff member: It’s too tough for me to pick one, but I am my happiest during one on one meeting with my RAs. I love getting to know all of the different personalities and talking with them about what’s going on in their professional and/or personal lives.

Best Advice for Current RAs: Never take the influence you have on your residents for granted! You have the power to impact them in a monumental way, but also – don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Residents will relate to you more if they see that you are human too J

Best Story: During winter training in January, the Tutt/Fischer Staff was walking from Drumlin to Hyland for a training session.  I was so caught up in a conversation I was having with an RA, that I walked right into a pole. My body sprung back right away; it was super embarrassing, and my staff didn’t let me live it down until about 2 weeks later.