Hello everyone! Please continue reading below to learn more about our fantastic Pro Staff Member Justin Dickerson!


Name: Justin Dickerson

Hometown: Fair Haven, NY

Building that you work in: Clem/Benson

Favorite Whitewater Location: The Sweet Spot

All schools attended: SUNY Fredonia, University of Rochester

Favorite memory from being an RA: Helping a resident get into Grad School

Favorite memory as a Pro-Staff member: Boxes and Walls, hands down

Best Advice for Current RAs: Enjoy this job while you have it. For many of you the next step is the thing you will do for the rest of your life, take this opportunity to enjoy the great parts of this job!

Best Story: When I was an RA we had a resident who was cooking in the kitchen and tripped the fire alarm and the entire building had to empty out. He felt so bad that he drove to WalMart and bought like 20 packs of those sugar cut cookies to bake and give to everyone in the building to say sorry. He burnt them and we all had to leave again, it was hilarious.