The stRAin You Feel

Nobody tells you just how much work goes into being a resident assistant before you start the job. There’s weekly staff meetings, duty nights, floor interactions and more art projects than I ever had in elementary school. Additionally, because we are student leaders, most RAs have other commitments that go beyond just this position. Now to top it all off, we are all students who are trying to earn a college degree! So how can we deal with the many stresses in our lives? I think I may have a few ideas for you.

Get off campus: While Whitewater’s campus does have a lot to offer, it is very easy for students to feel trapped if they never leave. I highly suggest that you take some time to go somewhere outside of our campus. Whether you go home or go to the Sweet Spot, leaving the grounds of Whitewater can truly help you to relax.

Engage in a favorite activity: Something that I love to do is paint canvases. I am no Picasso, but I like to think I can create some pretty wonderful works. Unfortunately, with everything going on in my life I tend to push my painting to the side. What activities are you pushing aside? My advice to you is to stop forgetting your hobbies! If you love paint balling, get a group together and go! You should always make time for the activities that you love.

Exercise: Studies show that exercise helps to release your endorphins, which make you happier! If you are feeling overwhelmed and just want a break, hit up the gym! If you do have a Warhawk Fitness membership, feel free to utilize the many different resources the school offers. We are fortunate enough to have great facilities like the William’s Center and the University Fitness Center in the basement of Wells! Not to mention that the school offers Group Fitness Classes FREE with a gym membership!

This list contains just a few of the many different ways you can choose to relax and unwind. No matter what technique you prefer, I seriously encourage you to do something for yourself. You probably don’t hear it enough, but you do work hard. This position can be demanding in so many ways and you manage to make it look easy. That being said, you deserve a break! Take a step back and do something for you. I promise you won’t regret it.

Stay wonderful.