Mary Duesterbeck is one our wonderful custodians in Arey Hall. Mary has been a custodian with Residence Life since April 2010! She found the position online and worked with us ever since. 

What do you like most about working for UWW University Housing? 

The students! We learn from each other. Every year is a new experience and the dynamics change.

Do you have any favorite stories? 

One of my favorite stories come one month after I started in Residence Life. I came into work, opened the elevators, and was greeted by a full size bird bath. My first thought was, “It was a busy night!” No liquid was in the birdbath and no live birds flying around. It’s all in a days work.

What do you do for fun?

Ride motorcycles, cook, travel, and quilt.

Thank you so much, Mary, for all the work you do. We greatly appreciate you!