• Different Types of Jobs in the PR World

    Publicist– Publicists can work either freelance or with an agency. They typically work directly with their client to create and develop a brand strategy. They are also responsible for coming up with campaigns and ways to promote their clients brand, and help portray their desired image. If you are interested in working with celebrities and high profile people then this could be a great match for you! Event Planning- Event planning is a something that a lot of people do not know is a part of PR work. Event planning focuses around structuring and making sure events launch and run smoothly. This job deals with working with clients to identify…

  • Benefits of Joining PRSSA

    Enhance Your Education: PRSSA can help you gain the experience and practical knowledge employers are seeking. We offer internship listings, competitions, scholarships, awards and leadership opportunities. In addition, PRSSA provides publications, news and social media to keep you updated on industry trends. Broaden Your Network: PRSSA can connect you to a network of peers and professionals who will become lifelong friends and mentors. We can facilitate the development of valuable relationships with future colleagues through PRSSA National and regional events, PRSSA Chapters and social media. We also provide the opportunity to meet current professionals through your PRSA sponsor Chapter, the Champions for PRSSA or by searching the PRSA member directory.…

  • Did You Know?

    Did you know that PRSSA gives you real-life opportunities to get into actual Public Relations agencies in Milwaukee and Chicago? These agency tours allow you to interact and connect with PR Practitioners. This is also a great opportunity to network and get your foot in the door with the PR world! Make sure to check with our social media accounts regularly to find out when our next agency tour is scheduled!

  • Guest Speaker 11/13

    Former UW-Whitewater PRSSA President Sergei Capul will be joing our chapter to discuss how PRSSA helped land him an internship and a career in corporate PR. We are very excited to see Sergei again and hear how PRSSA helped him with his career! Join us in Hyland 1303 Wednesday at 6:30!