Positive aspects of Joining Greek Life

As this blog is slowly coming to an end, we have gone over all of the important topics about greek life these past three months. We have talked about a lot of different opportunities in joining Greek life. It has been great being able to explain the different aspects that I can share as I am personally involved in Greek life at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. It can be challenging to explain all parts of Greek life because there is so much more involved when you are a part of an organization.

My goal during this time was to show the outside world the positive meanings of Greek life and that it is not what the media makes it out to be. I joined Greek life in the Fall of 2018, as a first-semester freshman. It was amazing being able to find my home on campus and have a group of friends that I could call my sisters. I was able to go to them whenever I needed a friend or just to hang out.

Joining a Greek organization is much more than just the social events there are amazing causes behind our philanthropies and who they are as a Greek whole. Delta Zeta philanthropy supports the Starkey Hearing foundations as our large volunteer opportunity and then we have many others that are local to Whitewater such as Fairhaven, Make a wish and many others.

I am glad that I have been able to share the amazing opportunities that Greek life can share within a community, especially our small community here within Whitewater. Please feel free to ask any question about anything Greek-related that I might be able to clear up.

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  • Olivia Maier

    I have enjoyed all of the connections I have made throughout Greek life. I do not think my college experience would be the same without it.

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