Best Greek life School

If you have been following this blog, by now you know that we have been talking about Greek life. Greek life contains organizations that are built on brotherhoods and sisterhoods. Greek life was first founded in 1776. Greek life has created bonds that are everlasting and networking opportunities that people are forever grateful.

After doing extensive research about the top rated school that holds high standards for Greek Life, it became clear that the University of Alabama was the number one school. University of Alabama is the home to elephants and their mascot is Big Al. If you are a fan of football or love to follow larger schools you will know of this school that this located in Birmingham Alabama.

As a Tiktok addict, I was a part of the group of tik tok that was on “RushTok”. I was a part of that group which consisted of the Alabama women who were going through recruitment to join their home away from home. Alabama has been a dream school of mine since I was younger because I knew I always wanted to be apart of Greek life as I do not have sisters of my own.

The University of Alabama is well known for their sports and their Greek row as they have thousands involved. Whereas the Unvierstiy of Wisconsin Whitewater is a smaller campus and has less involvement because of our numbers and Greek life not being as large in the midwest.

As national sorority member of Delta Zeta, it is also located on the Unoiversirtt of Alabmas campus which means I am able to go meet more sisters and connect with others. As a member of a sorority of fraternity that is national and found on many different campuses, there will be networking opportunities, and meeting people who are in the same organization.

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