Location: Sauk Prairie Dam

As I’m sure you have noticed, most of the photographs I have shared are from/ near the small town of Sauk Prairie in southern Wisconsin. What may surprise you, or not, is this small town is settled right next to The Wisconsin River, down the access road to the damn is a small…house of sorts in which smashed up cars, and small shacks are located throughout the property. While there is a “No Trespassing” sign located at the entrance, the structure in the picture shown lies directly on the property line.

Something interesting about this shack is that after many years of neglect, a tree has grown through one of the walls. There are many holes throughout the shack, most likely cause by falling tree limbs and constant exposure to weather.

This shack is just an example of how the lot looks as a whole. Even though this is located a major utility structure of the town, it still remains in a state of distress.

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