Location: Near Whitewater, WI

Hello once again, here we have the second post for the string that I will be uploading this week. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, both this and the last post do not take place along the bike path that has featured so many of my pieces. Instead I have found two wonderful structures that have been reduced to rubble in some way. This photo is taken right down the road from yesterdays piece and features a silo missing its “cap” and just below the silo is the remains of a barns foundation. It is unclear how long these structures have been left here, however it has been long enough for vines and foliage to grow within/on these structures, leaving a rather beautiful sight in my opinion. What can be said about this piece? Simply that as technology increases, the need for larger barns and silos become more prevalent, therefore leaving smaller versions such as this to be reduced to rubble.

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