Specialty – Design and Creative Copy

From copywriting to web design, creativity and pride in my work is something I live by. During my time in school, at work and in my personal projects, a creative and professionally simple finish is what I strive for.

I’ve chosen some brief examples of design work and creative copywriting that I’ve done during my marketing internship at Werner Electric Supply. While I have many other project samples, I feel as though these two examples best represent my work. Feel free to visit my contact page and contact me for more samples!

Award templates

Here are some template designs I drafted during my internship with Werner Electric Supply. These designs were made for an award series designated for interns that displayed specific criteria such as leadership or significant improvement in their role.

Letter of Recommendation

Along with receiving a distinguished award for their time at Werner, my team and I agreed that being awarded a letter of recommendation would be of value. To be signed by the intern’s supervisor along with the company president, I designed and wrote the template below to be used in this application.