Continue?: The Future of This Blog

Hey all my fellow nerds, it’s been a blast writing this blog for the past two months. The important thing to note is that I wrote this for a class of mine. So, once that’s over, is it game over for The Niche Nerd? Yes and no.

Think of The Niche Nerd as the initial stage of my blogging. While yes, this blog will no longer be updated after I graduate, I have a plan. My plan is to start up a blog under my name and ownership. It will largely cover the same topics here, but it will add on other topics of nerd culture. Overall, while The Niche Nerd may die out, it will live on in my new blog.

What is this new blog? It will tentatively be named “Chronicles of a Dork.” Basically, it will be taking what I covered here and broadening my horizons. So not just video games will be covered, but anime, movies, books, and various other forms of media too.

I will be sure to provide a link to my new blog next week, given I still need to set it up. For now, though, thank you for reading this blog for the past couple of months. It means a lot to me, in all sincerity. As always, until next time my fellow nerds, peace.

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