The ugly start

Up until Friday April 13th, the United States and it’s allies tried their best to stay out of the Syrian conflict that is being broadcasted worldwide. Not until the Syrian government under president Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical attack on their own people. Staying true to the American ideology of “Land of the free and home of the brave,” it caused for president Trump to launch a counter attack on the Syrian chemical laboratories. 

Before the missle strikes lit up the sky, Syria was already a mess. Going back to World War One, Syria was a dumping ground for different religions and ethic groups. These groups were Christians, Shiites, Alawites, Sunnis, and Druzes. Coming to power were the Alawite Muslims who were only 12 percent of the population. Under strict ideology, only trusting Alawites, the power of the country created segregation in all forms, which included separate public spaces like parks and restaurants. 

During what is known as Arab spring in 2011, thousands of Syrian civilians took to the streets to demand equal justice. Only to be shot at by Syrian officers under the command of Assad, leaving at least 88 dead. Although the initial protests were peaceful, it would be the trigger for groups of rebels to take arms against Assad’s military. 

This is where foreign powers come into play. The Russians under their president Vladimir Putin, want to stay in good relations with Syria because the country is a 

hotbed for oil production. They back Assad and all of his strategic moves against the rebels. 

The United States secretly sent CIA training to the rebels. Also backing the rebel’s cause are Great Britain, France, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. 

The home front 

A major concern for citizens here is that we might be on the brink of another World War or Cold War. Americans are fearful to get into another war. The psychological trauma that is faced is similar to the Red Scare of the 50s. What both of these time frames have in common is the threat of nuclear war. According to, 82 percent of Americans are fearful of going to a nuclear war with North Korea or Russia. 

“When I think of the country’s next move, I always seem to come to the thought that we’re on the brink of total war,” Daniel McGruber said. Daniel is a college student in Milwaukee. 

“I think of myself mentally and physically fit, and for that reason I feel I should fear of a military draft,” McGruber said. 

According to he Washington Post, all healthy men between ages 18 and 25 have to be registered for whatever draft that doesn’t exist. Not only are young men like myself required by law to be registered we are also targets of media propaganda that tries to sway our feelings on going to war. 


The United States for over half a century has mastered this mass media tactic of having a social responsibility to do the right thing and tell news in a way the let’s people think objectively and make their own choices. 

“I never took the ads so serious. I just knew that college wasn’t the route for me and I could make a career out of a military code.” This is the ideology of Quintell McCroy who has been enlisted in the Army since 2015. 

“After serving my first tour in Afghanistan, it gave me my own reason for being at war,” McCroy said. “I want to help the less fortunate people outside of my country to make this world a better place.”

“The people on this side of the world are way more helpful and willing to participate since, their living in the war.” Quintell goes on to explain the misconceptions western media portrays of how parts of the Middle East are ran. 


Party goers like the ones here are on a Syrian beach dancing, drinking, and baking in the happy Mediterranean sun. Although there is civil war, the city of Latakia is known for its wild parties, laid back community, and tourists attractions. 

“This is the type of scene I enjoy and I want every country to be able to celebrate and live in peace despite a war or not,” McCroy said. 

The Conclusion

Weather or not we go at it with North Korea or Russia starting an apocalyptic war, there needs to be willing souls to sacrifice time, blood, tears, and hope. I can almost guarantee that Americans will stand by each other no matter the choice our torn leaders make. 

President Trump is a firm believer of the American ideology of “standing of the freedoms of everyone worldwide.” If he stands true to that code look for a war over the precious oil rich country of Syria as that is one of the sole reasons both Russia and the United States show added interest into the city.