Rat Boys

When you think of a band called Rat Boys, you might think of some pretty… gnarly?… individuals. Maybe not the first band you think of when your grandma asks you what you’re listening to, but what if I Rat Boys aren’t quite what you’d expect. Their lead singer is neither a rat nor a boy, their songs aren’t overtly crude, crass or crazy.

In fact, The Chicago based Indie- Rock band really surprised me with their technically proficient playing and relatively gentle vocals. It really caught me off guard, especially after last week’s show. Maybe it’s because I walked into this show completely blind and that I’ve never heard of Rat Boys prior, their songs are catchy and melodic. I think they’re worth a listen.

I suppose I should’ve known it wasn’t going to be quite as high-octane as the bar show I went to last weekend. The location alone changed the atmosphere. The show took place at the “Der Rathskeller” at Madison Memorial Union on Langdon street. Again, because I walked into this show with little to no preview of the band before going to this show I had no idea that it was going to be a gentle Bernie Sanders rally. The lead singer adorned a Bernie beanie which I’ve learned through research that the beanie is an integral part of the look.

If you asked me what the right atmosphere to listen to Rat Boys in. The quick list would consist of: jamming out home alone, driving around with your windows down on a nice day, or anywhere you’re not afraid to sing along. Granted all those places pretty isolated, and that might be because I can’t hit the same high notes as the lead singer. Otherwise, I can’t really see an inopportune time to give them a listen.

If you haven’t already taken a listen, and checked them out I strongly suggest you do. I’ll make it easy for you by putting their Spotify here, and dropping their Instagram here.

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