/ boÍžol/. To have fun in ways that are often times mischevious and illegal.

This weekend I saw a band called The Bool Sponsored by Hamm’s TM. While I don’t believe these guys are sponsored by unrealistically cheap beer, I think they had ought to be. If not for the abundance of beer empty beer cans, then maybe for their number one listened to on Spotify appropriately named Hamm’s.

This energetic three-piece punk band out of Madison has much more say than just talking about their favorite cheap beer that’s meant to be bought in quantity, not for quality. The band also has widespread of politically charged songs as well. Covering various topics including the Alabama heartbeat law, climate change, and police brutality.

While The Bool may not be classically trained in their punk rock instruments, I’m privy to the information that they were at one point members of the marching band at UW madison. This might not seem like valuable information, but when you know about it, it makes you realize the don’t miss a beat. Even when the bass player has someone from the crowd pour him in his mouth or when he’s rumbling in the crowd while still playing he’s doesn’t miss a beat. Because they’ve become so accustomed to playing while moving they are able to give a lively and electric live performance.

This band is beginning to develop a cult following in the Madison area, and it’s already starting to expand as they continually play shows across the state. I’m begging to see people proudly wear cheap and haphazardly drawn on t-shirts to their shows. It’s only a matter of time before their songs get played on local.

In summation, This is the first band I got to see while starting this blog and they set the bar pretty high especially as far as a live performance is concerned. However, if you’re not into punk music I can see how there would be a disconnect.

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  1. Awesome blog! I see so much potential in where this goes. I really enjoyed the way you presented your information and played with the words. You presented the band to be very attractive and worth seeing in concert. This was created by describing your experience and explaining how the band interacted with the crowd.

  2. The Madison music scene is always great for up and coming bands/musicians because everyone’s very supportive of each other. I love seeing local bands like this, so these guys will be next on my list if they’re playing again.

  3. @Hockbein
    I personally have never heard of this band until now, but I really appreciate you supporting local artists! It just takes a few people to promote local talents and soon after, with some hard work and dedication they are on the road to stardom. I look forward to seeing more local talents showcased on your blog.

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