“Twitter and Tear Gas”

January 31st, 2018

What I got out of this article was the power that technology possesses. You can be the smartest person you know, but without technology, your knowledge is virtually useless. The example of the young girl from Turkey proves that point. When she went to Istanbul to continue her education on a scholarship, most of the girls were similar to her. They were some of the best and the brightest girls, but none of them could speak their native language, Turkish, to the standard that the school had set. Different dialects had developed in each of their areas, making their languages different than what the standard was supposed to be. Because there was virtually no communication from place to place, these smart young people were disadvantaged due to that lack of technology.

The article continues to speak of young people, students, etc. that lived through a lifetime of constant technological advances. What our grandparents have had to adapt to is unimaginable. Their social circle was once so confined, but now some people’s stretch out across the world. It used to take weeks to wait for correspondence from a friend, but that can now be done in a matter of seconds. Like-minded people are able to rally together for movements across the globe. They have taken over Twitter, and really all of cyberspace to do so. Without the movements that are so readily available online, the world would not be the same. People are able to show their passions, their interests, and really are able to do some good for this world from a computer screen.

This article touches on the technological advances that have been made, and how new communication technologies have been able to benefit from it. Without technology, this world would be a completely different place. Humans need each other to communicate, without communication, there may not be any survival. From these advancements, a movement has been made that for once, cannot be ignored by anyone.

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