How To Propagate Succulents in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have an obsession with succulents? Do you want to learn how to get more without paying for them? If yes, then this post is for you!

I’m going to be going over the method I use for propagating succulents. There are a couple of other methods that you can use (using a water bottle or placing leaf end directly in water), but this is the one that I do most often. It is very simple and can be done in four easy steps!

Step 1:

The first step involves picking the leaves. If I have any “leggy” succulents (e.g. the one in the picture below), I will take the leaves from those first. Then I will remove large, healthy leaves from other succulents I have. Removing the larger, healthier leaves will give you a better chance of success.

To remove a succulent leaf, grab it near the stem and carefully twist and pull it off. You will want to get as much of the leaf as you possibly can, but its alright if you break it a little bit.

Step 2:

The next step requires a pot or other container you can use for your succulent leaves. Once you have a container, fill it with damp soil and lightly compress it.

Step 3:

The third step simply involves placing your succulent leaves on top of the soil. You can randomly scatter them around, line them up, or create a pretty shape!

July 10, 2020

Step 4:

The final step involves finding a good location for your succulents. I recommend a sunny window. However, you will want to watch for signs that your succulents are getting too much sun (e.g. loss of color).

You will also want to keep the soil moist by using a spray bottle. You will also want to spray your succulent leaves. This should be approximately once per week, but ultimately depends on how quickly the soil dries up. You should spray when the soil is mostly dry.

Thats all it takes! Four simple steps and you’ll have your very own baby succulents!

September 4, 2020

September 11, 2020

October 2, 2020

5 thoughts on “How To Propagate Succulents in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Sara Mentz says:

    Super cute blog theme! I love that you are writing all about plants. I used to be obsessed with succulents when I worked in a green house about 5 years ago, but couldn’t keep them alive for very long! I love the photos of the little succulents popping up in the last few photos. Awesome job.

  2. Josie Ewers says:

    This blog post is really fascinating to me because I was unaware you could do this with succulents. I was given one as a gift a few years ago (and had no idea how to care for it so it didn’t last) and have always thought they were cool plants. Now I know they are even more interesting than I previously thought!

  3. Morgan says:

    This blog post was really interesting. Before reading this I did not know that you could propagate succulents. I was gifted a succulent a few years ago, and I was obsessed with it, but I was not able to keep it alive very long. It’s good to know that if I ever have a succulent die again, I could try propagating.

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