I Cannot Stress This Enough

This week, we have guest blogger Morgan Meade giving tips on how to relieve stress. 

Stress Relief!!!

Hello everybody! Stress is something that can impact your life negatively if you don’t manage it correctly! Being students, we have a lot on our plate with our classes, friends, families, jobs, and more! It is crucial that we take time for ourselves to relax and “treat” ourselves. There are different steps you can take to manage stress and to take time for yourself. 

One great way to relieve stress is by exercising! Exercise helps boost endorphins in your body and is proven to also reduce stress and tension. I have realized this a lot in my life and how if I am having a bad day or very stressed out that after I work out, I always feel so much better than before.  

Another great way is just by unwinding after a long day. Do something that will make you feel at peace. My recommendation for this method is just to light a candle, maybe get a bubble bath going, put your phone away, and really relax. Being on your phone too much can just remind you of the stressful things going on in your life. That is why I think it is the best idea to put it away while trying to relax! Taking bubble baths has always been something that has really helped me to relax and feel at peace so I also recommend those who are very stressed to give this a try. If you get some good smelling soap for the bath, that can help too!! 

Another idea that I have done is by journaling and making sure to write down things. Journaling is beneficial because it can help you get feelings you have had bottled up out of your head so much. It is nice to be able to share these without really sharing information that might be private and personal to you! Another way that writing things down can be beneficial is by making lists of what tasks you need to get done so that you know what is all on your plate!!

Lastly, the best and my favorite way to relieve stress is by laughing and taking the time to spend with those who mean the most to you. Laughing is so important and a good laugh can really turn your mood around! Make sure to focus on those in your life who make you laugh and who help to take your stress away!

5 thoughts on “I Cannot Stress This Enough

  1. Grace Holler says:

    I agree that working out makes myself feel less stressed out. I’ve been working out lately because I am so stressed lol. I also like taking bubble baths with candles and doing face masks. This makes me feel less stressed.

  2. Dana Hockbein says:

    Some things that work for me is, listening to music, drawing or taking a nice long bath! I feel like everyone is stressed out all the time which really sucks, but lately I’ve been changing my mindset to think about the positives rather than the negatives and that seems to help a lot!

  3. luke piccione says:

    I totally agree with what you all had to say about reducing stress. The most common ways I get ride of stress were included in your blog, but the one new thing is bubble baths…. ill get the bubbles going right now!

  4. Ian Dunn says:

    To help manage my stress and anxiety I write down what I am feeling then take a walk around campus. Reducing stress is hella important and I cannot agree more that exercise and journaling helps out

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