Routines: They are Important

Hi guys and welcome back! If you have been reading my blogs you know one of my favorite things to do is to get into a routine. This week was a prime example for me that routines really do work! So, this weekend I went home for St. Patrick’s Day and didn’t come back to school till Monday night. This is where I all went wrong, I wish I came back Sunday night. First off, I didn’t have all my laundry done by Monday so this threw me off. Next, I didn’t have my planner set up for the week so Monday and Tuesday I was discombobulated with everything that was due and I missed an assignment. Also, my room wasn’t clean (which I usually clean on Sunday’s) so really all in general everything was thrown off and my week didn’t start off how it usually does. When I do this I feel like the rest of my week is just all thrown off. To begin with I feel like my days are off and I never know what day it is and I really don’t have much motivation to be performing my best. I always feel super down and lazy when I am not in my clear routine, and to be honest that is just how I am feeling all week, and it sucks!! So, this small example is just showing you why routines are so important (Well to me at least). Don’t you want to feel motivated to get your work done and your room clean every week? Even though we all have those weeks we need to snap out of it and get back into routine. I don’t regret going home and having fun but I just wish I prepared myself more. Routines are key and they keep you organized and determined to get your work done. This week I am changing it up for you and showing you some pictures from my weekend because I did have fun but too much fun really threw off my routine!

Weekly Shoutout: My friends! My friends are one of my favorite aspects of my life. I have been friends with the two girls pictured above since I was in 6th grade and I appreciate them with everything in me. I have made some new friends in college also pictured above that I love with my whole heart. I don’t know what I would do without my friends and that is why I am deciding to shout them out. They have really gotten me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all need a good pair of friends in our life.


  • Makai

    I think I’m a bit OCD, so routines are a huge part of my life. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been struggling to follow my own schedule, and that’s been making me feel pretty depressed. It’s difficult to strike a balance between productivity and relaxation, especially when it feels like there’s not enough time in the day. Hopefully I’ll be getting back on track this week.
    I think your illustration of cascading tasks is a great example of the importance of routines – if you put something off on one day, you’re going to have to do it the next day, along with all of the other tasks you originally had planned for that day.

  • Savannah

    Hey Lissie!

    I completely agree with you! Routines give me purpose and something to do in the morning. Lately, I have noticed that moving my body right away in the morning makes me feel a lot better than waking up and moving from my bed to my desk chair. I have been going for a lot more walks to fix this! Or, today I cleaned my living room and did the dishes right after I woke up to get my body moving because I didn’t feel like going for a walk.

    I think it’s really cute that you shouted out your friends! There’s just something so special about having good friends in your life. I went through a long period of my life where I was single a couple years ago, I noticed that when I listened to love songs on the radio I was thinking about the love I have for my best friends!

    Great blog! I’ll see you next week!

  • Madison Sabel

    You looked amazing in your St. Patricks Day apparel…LOVE it!! I am also a big person on routines as well. Without my planner or daily tasks I like to complete I feel disorganized and am not as productive. Over holiday weekends, everything always seems to get thrown off. My eating and exercise has been off since going on vacation and I am still having trouble getting back into my routine, so I totally understand!

    Great blog! I’ll be coming back to your site next week!

  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! I really liked this post and can really agree with it. I love the weekends to relax, clean, and make sure things are in order for the next week. Whenever I can’t get those things done, I have such a hard week. For example, I do all my laundry every Sunday and usually fold/hang the clothes either Sunday night or Monday. But last week, something came up where I was able to do my laundry Sunday but I wasn’t able to put it away until Saturday. It was not a good feeling having my clothes in a basket all week. This week, I made sure to prioritize it and it feels so much better. Routines are so important and I really appreciated your post!

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