How to Reset

Hi everyone and welcome back! I am so glad you guys are here for some more little inspiration from myself! I feel like a broken record and I will probably for the rest of the semester but these are things that I truly believe in and these are things that have helped me get through the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, this week we are going to be talking about how to reset. We all have those weeks, days, or even hours of the day where we just don’t feel right and we are all off balance from our normal daily routine. For me personally, I usually feel this after the weekend. I live super close to school so I go home a lot or even when I don’t go home I am just off my weekly routine that I love and live by. So, from practice I have found some things that really work for me to get back into routine especially when I am in a funk. Or even when you just need to give your mind a break in the middle of the day.  My first and favorite task is napping. A lot of people don’t believe in napping but I would respectfully disagree. I feel like when I take that perfect 20 min or even a three hour nap I feel so refreshed and recharged. I am not a huge napper during the week but on the weekend (especially Sundays) they are essential. There is nothing wrong with napping, it honestly is a crucial part of resetting. Next, during the week when I am stressed or need a reset I love to drink a nice red glass of wine. (My favorite is Pinot Noir) And yes, I am of drinking age, I am 22. Sometimes when I drink 1, 2, or sometimes 3 (hehe) glasses of wine I like to put on some YouTube or a movie, sit back and relax.If you are looking for a movie to watch and drink wine with I really recommend Nobody’s Fool (so funny). This might be a taboo but, when I like to rewind I like to sit on social media. I feel like this is important and it is not a bad thing. At our age, we all have social media so go sit on it and don’t use your brain for a little bit. A lot of times when I sit on social media I make myself feel bad cause I keep telling myself, “You shouldn’t be on here, you should be doing homework, folding laundry, or doing something productive.” But, I have to remember it is okay to sit down and have some time to turn my brain off and laugh on social media or just sit there aimlessly and do nothing on social media. Next, one of my literal favorite things to ever do is to either go for a walk or a drive with music blaring. On walks, more of the time I like to listen to podcasts. But, in the car I love to roll the windows down if it is nice out and just blare all my favorite music. I think these two things are my favorite things to do because I am not focusing on anything and I don’t have any school work in front of me or in my vision. I have stepped away from it for a little bit and got my alone time. Lastly, for some reset tips, which is another one of my favorites is spending time with my roommates. You can also spend time with family or friends if you don’t have roommates. But, personally I have four roommates and when I am resetting my brain I like to hang out in the living room with them and either talk or watch movies. It relaxes my mind and makes me forget of all the stuff I have to do. I personally think resetting is hard especially when you have been in a funk or working too hard for quite some time, but it has to happen. I always get my brain worked up and I have to reset myself and remind myself that I don’t always have to be doing homework. It is okay to have some time for yourself and it actually is super important. This is where brain farts or brain fog comes from is when you overwhelm yourself. Reset, relax, and take some time for yourself, it’s important. Breaks, naps, and time to do nothing is okay, I promise you are not lazy. We all need time for that throughout the weeks so we don’t become overwhelmed.

Weekly Shoutout; This weekly shoutout is going to be different. This week I am going to shout out the show Ginny and Georgia. This is a show on Netflix that me and my roommates have been watching. It is funny but it also is very dark, which I love. It keeps me on my toes and keeps my brain working. If you are looking to rewind and have some time for yourself, check this show out. 10/10 recommend. 

Have a great week everyone!


  • Alijah Peper

    This is a great topic that isn’t talked about all that often. Naps are defanetly a go-to for me when I feel like I need to reset.

  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! I 100% agree with you that napping is super important. I, unfortunately, don’t get to take naps too often anymore but when I used to have more time to take naps, I always felt like I gained a lot of energy from them. I hope that I can find a routine again at some point that can include a nap. I agree that naps on Sundays are the best! I agree that sitting down with a movie or TV show with your favorite drink/snack is also a great way to reset. Especially as it’s started to become nicer outside, I have felt so much happiness taking walks. I think all your advice is great and practical and I can’t wait to read next week’s entry.

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Lissie,

    I loved reading this! I try to do a lot of these things, like looking at social media as necessary and a reward for me to use when I take breaks and going on frequent walks. Even though we have been living in a COVID-19 world for a year now and it may seem like we are well adjusted, I find that since we are all working from home, I could work for 12+ hours a day without realizing all that time passed. I have started to be more intentional with the time I am not spending on homework or applying for jobs. For example, my best friends and I got to the pub every Tuesday to play free darts. Its a nice break in my day. I get as much work as I can done until 9 p.m., go to the bar, then come home and do an intentional night routine.

    I really enjoyed reading your post! It’s always good to be reminded to slow down and enjoy life more! Have a great week! 🙂

  • Madison Sabel

    Great blog post once again! When I need to reset, spending time with friends is really important for me as well. I have heard a lot about the new netflix show as well! I’m thinking it will be the next show I binge!

  • Sydney Rehm

    HI Lissie,

    Resetting is a great way to relax the body and mind. For me I love to reset when I am doign selfcare. Every morning at 9am I got to eh gym and thats where I reset. I dont think about anything but moving my body so that I can be healthy.

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