How To Destress During Online Schooling

Hi guys and welcome back! This week I want to talk about de stressing. Online school has really taken a turn for all of us and sometimes we get stressed out from all the change and work. This is totally normal, especially if you hate online classes. But, from watching YouTube videos and trial and error I have found some good remedies to help destress yourself. I have tried some and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. First, I would like to start with water. This is key! Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps your skin but it also helps your mind. It keeps you balanced and energized throughout the day. On average I drink about 3-5 bottles of my hydroflask. I always have to pee but I swear it works. It keeps me focused longer and I feel when I drink more water I sleep better at night. Next is a planner. I swear if I didn’t have a planner I would be a complete mess. Planners help keep your life together even if you don’t want to admit it. Personally, a handwritten planner works better than a digital one but that is my own preference. In your planner you don’t need just school assignments to keep you on track but also your work schedule, weekend plans, appointments, and even birthdays. I live by planners literally I don’t go anywhere without it. Thirdly, is essential oils and sleep spray. More specifically I love lavender oils, they help me sleep so much better. I don’t know if this is just a mind thing but when I don’t sleep with them I don’t fall asleep as fast. They relax your mind and body and you fall asleep like a baby. What I do is sprinkle the oil all over my sheets and pillows and let it soak in and dry before I crawl into bed to read a book. After I get my oils all over my bed I turn on my salt-rock lamp. The meaning for my salt-rock lamp is to read with it on before bed. This calms my mind and it isn’t as harsh on my eyes when reading. Salt-rock lamps have so many benefits like boosting mood, improving sleep, easing allergies, helping with asthma/breathing problems, and cleaning the air. It may sound cliche but I swear this is true. Again, I live by it. Also, reading a book before bed is so KEY! I swear on my life this helps with sleep. Don’t get me wrong I sit on my phone before bed but not before I fall asleep. I sit on my phone for maybe 30 min and then I set my alarm, put it away, and read. Reading eases your mind and makes you forget about your own problems in the world. Some people may like fiction books or something but my favorite are for sure self help books. This year I am really trying to improve myself. And my first thing to help myself is the routine I am getting into and reading self help books. I really recommend “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson. I have learned so many things to help improve my mood and what really matters in life. Not only am I learning but I am also easing my mind before bed. I sleep so much better when I read because I am not using blue light to keep my brain distracted. 

Weekly Shoutout; Kenzie Burke’s podcast Food, Sex, & Money. THIS WOMAN! She is so intelligent and inspiring. This is a podcast a lot of times I put on when doing homework or driving and I immediately am so inspired and calmed. Her voice is so amazingly calming and stress relieving. She talks a lot about things she has learned from others and in her life. I like how she focuses on meditation and finding your true self through manifesting and horoscopes. But, it isn’t just the normal horoscopes and stuff but more intentional and meaningful towards yourself. You should forsure go check her out if you are struggling with finding your true self or some kind of happiness/purpose in life.


  • Madison Sabel

    Once again, you killed your blog! I always enjoying reading them, plus I think we have a lot in common. I have heard from a lot of people that I should read that book! After reading this, I’m about to go order it now! Can’t wait for it to come!!

  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! I agree with you that water is super important. I definitely don’t drink enough of it but I want to start drinking more so that I can reap the benefits of healthy skin and more balanced moods. I also agree with you that planners are key. I literally don’t think I would be successful at all in school if I didn’t rely on my planner as much as I do. I didn’t realize that a salt rock helped with so much and so I am very interested to try that now! Thank you so much for your blog post and for all the great de-stressing ideas, I can’t wait to use some of them!

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hey Lissie! Happy late birthday!

    You have a lot of great insights in this blog post. I will definitely be taking them to heart. Food, Sex, & Money is one of my favorite podcasts! My other two favorites are Pretty Basic and Happy Hour – you might like those too! Have a great week!

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