What College is Really Like…

Hi guys and welcome to my first blog! I am so excited to talk about college with you. Being a senior I have learned so much about myself and I have learned so much about college life. I can undeniably say college has been the best 4 years of my life! It isn’t all very merry, obviously, but let me tell you high school teachers scare you so much for college. College isn’t as hard as those teachers make it seem. Not the work (that is still hard) but, the professors are all so nice here! They aren’t scary at all, honestly I am more scared of high school teachers than my professors. All professors want you to succeed, trust me. They want you to do good and just learn for your future career.

College changes you, in the best way possible. I can tell you I have built my confidence up and I have changed so much for the better. I am starting to find myself and find what I want to do in life. College can be confusing and you might lose yourself at times but by the end you have so much more clarity. You start to find who your true friends are, you realize your place in life, and you start to get so excited for life. Trust me. Down below I have pictures just to prove this. In my appearance I have changed so much and I am so happy for myself. This is what college does to you. I can honestly say I am so excited for life after college even though I am going to miss it. 

College isn’t scary, college is so much better than high school. You are going to have so much fun in college, you are going to meet so many new friends and you are going to soul search. Maybe it is because I have been listening to so many podcasts and reading self help books but I am so excited about what is yet to come. 

I am excited for more to come for my blog but here is a little glimpse of some things I want to help you with. 

Weekly shoutout; Gals on the Go. Please go check them out. They are so inspirational and so fun to listen to. They give some great advice more on college and are so positive.


  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! I totally agree with your statement about college not being scary. I was also told by a lot of my high school teachers that professors were mean, not understanding, and too busy to help when you need it. That has not been my experience, at least at UWW. I certainly think that could be true of some schools and maybe more true in large universities where most of the classes are in lecture halls with over 100 students. I also have changed a lot in college. I look at pictures of myself from a few years ago and it’s crazy how much college changes you. Thanks for your post, I think it’s important for people to know what college is actually like so that younger students don’t freak out about it.

  • Madison Sabel

    Your first blog was spot on! In high school I remember being terrified of how hard college was going to be. Obviously, as you go into higher education the classes become a bit more difficult, but nothing crazy! So excited to read the rest of your blogs!

  • Danielle Terrell

    As a senior myself I’ve definetely done a lot and seen in lot while in college, and there is a lot of memories that I will cherish throughout my life. I think it’s great that your blog is somewhere people can go to to see that while there are some struggles and hardships that come with being in college, there are also some great things to experience and great people to meet as well!

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Lissie!

    I loved all the pictures you included. You listen to Gals on the Go? Omg! Do you also watch Brooke and Danielle’s YouTube channels? Brooke is so inspirational by just being herself. I’ve been eating healthier because she’s been eating healthier, I also want to read the books she’s been reading. She and Gretchen Geraghty are my favs! If you don’t watch them you should definitely check them out.

    Great post! Have a good week!

  • Austin Dirks

    I agree that college changes people. The years in college is when you really mature and find out who you are. Also college is definitely harder than high school, but it is not as hard as high school teachers make it seem.

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