It is finally here. It has finally come! The weather is changing, the air is alive and there are peaceful sounds afloat. The spring environment has finally triumphed over the coldness of the harsh, snowy winter. It has cut in and put all the chills to rest. I’m am truly excited. Granted, there is still so much to miss about the winter, despite the bitterness of its winds. The winter brings with it a clean-like environment. The heavy snow coats the world and makes it feel as though everything has been cleansed; it feels so pure. The cold weather makes it far more acceptable to stay at home, curled up with the largest tea or coffee or hot chocolate you have ever seen. The social dynamics of winter are so vastly different from those of the spring. When the weather turns warm, it is expected that you go outside, explore and socialize. In the winter you can be like a hermit. No conversations are needed, no communication is sought. It is nearly a social taboo to bother a person that is inside in the winter, or even outside the home, to be perfectly honest. The winter is the time of the introverts, for a lack of a better term. But now we bide fair well to the warmth of our homes and greet the warmth of the outside world. The winter fades after the fight and now we feel the breeze hug rather than cut. The birds call from above and the squirrels chatter below. Though we are now expected to be among the living, it is easier to want it as the weather greets are every action.