Is he ready? Probably not. Okay, definitely not. He is not prepared, he is not ready, but he was geared to go and there was no turning back. He is going to do it no matter if he can or cannot. But isn’t that kind of the fun? Going out, exploring, delving into worlds you never thought could exist in our own plane, our own country for that matter. He is so extremely ready to go that all the insecurities, all the risks, seem so small and unimportant. So much so that whatever the strange world he has entered will throw at him, he will welcome the strange sensations with open arms. He will be prepared for everything he is not prepared for, in some sense at least. He doesn’t know what to expect. That’s probably why he has two bottles of water strapped to the back of his bike. That’s probably way he has extra water in his pack, rations of beef sticks and granola bars, and an extra coat that just happens to be water proof. He’s lack of understanding of this environment leaves him nothing to be prepared for, but he his ready for anything. Hell or high water, he has something for each. So, is he ready? Definitely not. He is not ready for this environment. He is not ready for the strange experiences, but he is ready for the worst, and he is ready to adventure forth and see a world like none he has seen before.