This is what love is. This is what working together for love is. It’s not that gutsy look caught from the corner of your eye, or the soft touch in places you didn’t expect. Love is a state of being where there is nothing to be held back. Love is the notion that you are together with that person or those people, no matter the reason. Love is love. An action of putting your faith in another. The action of respecting and supporting. Love isn’t just physical contract to be made with just one. It is safety and warmth, and doesn’t have to be what all think so typically when they hear the four letter word.

The people before us know of love, they know of what it means to love another, respect another. Together they love all those that are punished from their tastes. Together they love all that are pushed out like outcasts. Some even stand who are also of those that are mistreated by the most unforgiving world. They know the fear, but yet they love on.

But what is love? The term pushes toward something romantic. Something sexual. But why does that stand as the given case? Love should not be controlled by the simple structure of this society. Love is more enduring and more forgiving then that. All of our friends before us, all of those small, colorful lights, have already notated this. They are fighting back, pushing back against the ideals that have stood for centuries. They wish to see progression, and they choose to show this through love. For their mother, their aunt, their brother, their best friend, for their classmates, for their co-workers, for the people they will never meet. They love, so that those people my also love. Together, love is something more fulfilling than just the four letters that take to form it.