UWW Team to Attend AAC&U Institute for Integrative Learning and Signature Work!

Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

A team from UWW comprised of Greg Cook, Carolyn Morgan, Rowand Robinson, Kate Ksobiech, Joan Cook, Kelly Delaney-Klinger, and Nicole Weber have been chosen by the AAC&U Institute for Integrative Learning and Signature Work to explore UWW’s use of the ePortfolio as a way to create an exciting integrative experience than enables students to make connections between academics, co-curriculars, extracurriculars, and real-world interactions gained (and built upon) while at our institution. Ultimately, we would like the ePortfolio to provide┬ástudents an easy and intuitive platform to demonstrate their accomplishment of campus learning outcomes and key skills that signify their ability to be an educated citizen and market-ready for their chosen profession.

The team will attend the institute from July 11-July 14 and will provide an update regarding their progress to this blog when they return–stay tuned!


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