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Leader Ready Caring Leader

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Women in Combat: Ready, Willing and Able?

Leaders are all around us. It is the little girl on the play ground that has all boys listen

I did not get a good score on may last post I try to share my leadership journey. A worrier’s job is to train leaders to lead others. We need to understand first that the team is a group individuals that have their own ideas on how the organization should be run and they are sure it would work better. The one advantage in the military give us is call ranks and the chain of command. If you a private in the army you learn to follow everyone. Although discipline seem to be more severe in the military we need to understand that in today business world we should do it with reason and effective. If we lose the reasoning in our discipline, it will not be effective. It so important to be a good follower because it could mean live and death in the combat. In civilian life we mistake we can lost our job. The most difficult part of my leadership is to tell a family provider that he does not have a job. Any business owner or manager needs to devise a plan. A strategic business plan identifies the company’s purpose as well to understand discipline. All great leaders has understood that their number one responsibility is cultivating their own discipline and personal growth. Those who cannot lead themselves cannot lead others. Being a great leader is all about having a genuine willingness and a true commitment to lead others to achieve a common vision and goals through positive influence. There is not one leader that can ever achieve anything great or great or long lasting all alone.

We need to be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because our character is what we really are, while our reputation is merely what others think us. Some us complaint that we do not have time to it right. What we need to ask is when will have time to do it over. We need to make each day our masterpiece and understand nothing will work unless we do. Our success comes from knowing that we did our best to become the that we are capable of becoming. I have learn to compete against myself to become better. I learn that younger people are more in need of role models than criticism. Leaders who produces other leaders multiplies their effect. The leader’s attitude needs to like a heat regulator for the place we work. If our attitude is good, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the environment is easy to work in. But if our attitude is bad, the heat regulator is unbearable. As leaders, our true measure of our success is not getting people to work. It’s not getting people to work hard. It is getting people to work hard together and that takes commitment. Saying that I am a leader does make me one. But being a leader with out the title because the title does not make the man the man makes the title.

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John Calvin Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.

Women In Leadership

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I have spent many years in leadership roles from highway construction to Sales Manger and in between carpenter, farm migrant work, a retail leader. and General Manager in Broadcasting industry. I have seen how women have been judge to not be strong enough to become mangers, supervisors or in other words a leader. However, in my opinion is that women in leadership is just as good as the leadership of men. There is enormous interest to have more women in become leader. The goal is to reversed their under representation in the ranks of power. Today our young girls are understand that they can be future leaders. They are not only taking orders but they will be given orders that will change the and make the world better.

In a manager training program I learn to tolerate the retail world from a young lady who coaches me to not only like it but enjoy it. She never let challenges go to waste. Never did she turn a challenge and her partner in crime was me. Janet was tough, fair and would not baby anyone but never belittle you for making mistakes and she would ask to write out what happen but more important how and what did you learn. Self promotion taking credit for others achievement was not her way. She never said I did it was always we did even if she had the idea and did most of the work because it was always about the team. If someone need help with a problem outside work she would be the first one to come up with plan making sure that the person privacy stay private. Janet never ask for respected she earned everyday.

I have also had the pleasurer of leading young men and young ladies in the manufacture arena where I was able to see the different style of leadership. The young men some them of that would run to problems due to their overconfident, narcissistically and unethical leadership style. I understand what President Lincoln said, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” The idea that women are insecure is the reason they are weak so this idea is so lame. Having self-awareness of our limitations help to have positive self-worth. Women learn this and are learn to emotional connected with their followers. There many other qualities that women bring to the table. I will point out in up coming blogs. Thank for your time.

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Laissez-faire leader ship

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As a manager and Plant Supervisor been responsible up to twelve department were I need to have leaders that could give results and answer as to why we did not get the result needed. Laissez-faire leadership is a nonauthoritarian management style that allows employees to work without much supervision. The style often works best where employees are self-starters and have personal motivation that leads to their working successfully.  This leadership style has a drawbacks, where employees may not be results oriented without proper directions from managers. In steel, iron and metal manufactures because of the different trade skill needed the gaps income can be challenging. Workers may not complete tasks in a timely manner or work as hard if they were under direct management.

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Taking the best of the leadership styles to become an a leader of leaders. The Warrior Leader.

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As a plant supervisor and manager I have always try to be the best leader that I could be. I try the Laissez -Faire style. I have learn that is human nature to have someone to provide directions in work in live. We would not need politicians. One of the best supervisor I work with was a young lady that help me learn how to be better leader. I will post on women on leadership next week.

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Female leaders may boost share price performance, Credit

authoritarian leadership

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Depending who you are trained or what books you are reading on leadership you will that some will write that there is 10, 7, 5, or 3 types of leadership. Just keep in mind that the most important style of leadership is your and it depend on how time you invested on learning to be a Warrior leader better become a Leader of Leaders. Autocratic leadership or Authoritarian leadership is a management style in which an individual has total decision-making power and absolute control over his subordinates. An authoritarian leader makes decisions on policies, procedures and group objectives with little or no input from his or her team members or followers. One would think that this style of leadership is obsolete you would be surprise how many still are out there especially in the non-union manufacturing arenas. The facts that an autocratic may believe that you depend on a check that you are going to take his bullshit everyday is a figment of his immigration.

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During my early work experience I learned from leaders what kind of leader not be and so learn who to be a good follower. I work in the fields harvesting crops and even though it was hard work nobody yell at you or was watching over shoulder because the harder you work the more money you made I didn’t like it. At the age to 12 I went to work in a full service Exxon gas station at $1.25 and hour. The owner was Mr. Harding and even though he was an Anglo he was born in Mexico but he hated Mexicans. He would yell at us for letting Mexicans use the bathrooms he would tells that the Mexicans were dirty people. The facts was that he force us to keep the station clean not everyone but most people made a mess because they did have to clean it and it did not matter what race they are. Him offend yell at us in front of customers. One day he went to far with one of us and we all stood up to him. That day he end up having run the station by himself.

At the age of 15 I join the migrant work force were we would come up to the Midwest to work in the canning factories. At 16 I came to Plymouth, Wisconsin to work both peas and corn canning processing. I was assigned to work in the packaging room. The foreman was a real jerk and because most of the migrants did not speak English he would call us name that were very degrading name. There was a big problem I was born in the US and understood and spoke English. I took this for about four weeks and I finally stood up to him and got into an argument with him and he grab but I got lose and walkout and went to the barracks. I was not aware that the whole department follow me out. Later the plant manager came looking for me and ask me what happen. The short story is that he resign the foreman and put me in charge of the department. Examples of leaders who have used authoritarian leadership include Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Bill Gates, Kim Jong-un, Richard Nixon and Vladimir Putin.

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Leadership Style

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Democratic leadership is a type of leadership style in which members of the group take a more participative role in the decision-making process. Group members are encouraged to share ideas and opinions, even though the leader retains the final say over decisions. I believe that is style work better in situations where group members are skilled and eager to share their knowledge. It is also important to have plenty of time to allow people to contribute, develop a plan, and then vote on the best course of action. Those that use this style tend to really care about their team members and developed and emotional attachment. There are pros in using a democratic leadership style. It can be use for almost every business. It afford problem solving ability for troubling problem. It motivates an originalist environment. It help developed strong relationship between team members. We can add more but think I made my point on the pros. However, democratic style has its cons. It can foster bad feeling within the team. It can lead to procrastination and also take time come to and agreement on issuse. We can agree that this kind of leadership would not work in the army. I have work in industries that are fast moving paces and time is essential in the production. The steel mills, foundries, and plastics manufacturer. The time I spend working in the three industries I witness some real bad accident that were fatal. Hot steel, hot iron, and hot plastics does not provide time for delegation. Two business that I work went I was young that also has no time for hesitation. Working on a fishing boat and offshore oil well. Both paid good money but on a boat it is very easy to get caught in ropes or nets and next thing you know you end up in the Gulf Mexico lost and that is a lot of ocean to search. The oil rig is just dangers my dad was not happy that I was on an oil rig and he bug me to quit. I finally did and two days later a oil rig flip over and the whole crew was lost. Leadership is not always reasonable for the fatality but went it happens on your watches it hard to get a good night sleep.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Democratic Leadership
If I stop we will go in circles may not get far but we will moving

Democratic Leadership

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Democratic Leadership Style

The democratic leadership style is also referred to as shared leadership or participative leadership, encourages members of a team to take on responsibilities in decision-making. It is a leadership style that can be used by any leader in any industry, from corporations to educational facilities to government positions. During my employment at a plastic manufacturerna as a floor supervisor . I use what I believed the best of shared leadership . I was told that I was taking over the the high producted crew . That was true was but the also had the highest scrap rate. The most amazing thing that it was alright because plastic could be recycle. I had to show the amout of money lost in the scrap. The labor cost for producing scrap , the labor hours to grid the scrap parts. T he cost of not being able to meet shiping goals. One my problems that add to the issues was turn over rate which was fight mangement to establish a bonus tie to goals and attended require to qualified for the bonuses . I had to proof that I was the person to help them grow. I remeber when I was ask to coach a Little League team 10th and 11 graders. I try everything to help them winning but they would not listen so I made the decision to take some of my best players of the starting roster. They made the comments that we were going to lose all thegames. My response was we are doing that already. So I did the same thing and fired the biggest mouth on the crew and he made the statment as I was walking him out he made to crew member I will see you guys tomorrow . The next day many of the crew share with me that he was lazy and would not do his share of work. So I ask how it felt to help him get a check and ask them the getting rid of the bad apple for the good of the team. I will share more of a Democratic Leadership Style.

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Leadership Styles

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The military chain also service one other purpose beside the way to reporting how things are going in the front. It designates who will take command if the leader or leaders are lost in actions. The training is done so who is next, and the stature is next man up. As mention in pass Blog that the leadership inspire their subordinates through rapport, inspiration, and empathy and work well in an environment where they can create change by working with their subordinates.

When we were deployed over sea, we use to call the United States the world. When I get back to the world I am going to go back to school. To learn to be a leader it should be easy I leaded a team, a squad, or a platoon. Sorry it not that easy because the reason back in world stay is not to just stay alive but so many different reasons. I need money for a nice car, money to support myself or my family and many other reasons to follow you or me. I have read and research leadership experts and listen to a few leaderships speakers and work under different leaders in different industry.  President Abraham Lincoln is giving credit as to once have said, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” or words to that effect. He quoted that “A person’s character is the foundation of great leaders”. Scholarly of leadership have come up with 5 leadership styles and 7 Definitions of Leadership. In my next post I will share two of the five leadership styles and three of the of the seven definition of leadership.

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Leadership Styles

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There are many leadership styles in the world, and I will do my best before leaving this world to get my style in the leadership books. In my lifetime I have work under great, good, fair, and badmanagers and supervisors. I also server under army officers that needed to be fair and learn to become great leaders. The hierarchy of the military at highest is a five-star general and follow by a lieutenant general, a major general, and brigadier general. This transformational leadership followers have trust and confidences in them. They are usually technical experts in their fields, want to improve their environment and understand their Soldiers’ roles. They inspire their subordinates through rapport, inspiration, and empathy and work well in an environment where they can create change by working with their subordinates.

The chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. Orders are passed down the chain of command, from higher ranked military personnel to lower ranked military personnel until those orders are received by those who implement the orders. Similarly, requests move up the chain of command until they reach the individual who has the authority to make decisions regarding a particular type of request. During the orders being passed down the chain every sender of the order understand that they may be sending many young people to their end. It weights harder on the platoon leaders, squad leaders and team leaders who have being with their men 24/7 and had developed a strong relationship with those that they leaded into the danger of combat. It is harder than firing a person whose family depend on them for support but also not easy.

Chain of Command & Authority – Veterans Affairs

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Leaders a is born no leaders are made! The truths are leaders are mostly made can be good leaders. However, leaders are not born which is good news for those of us in beginning at on our leadership journey. Leaders can indeed be developed however, some us are born with the martials that will help us in our leaderships adventure. Have hope because leaders need to be made. The truth is that we all need to learn how to be a leader of others.

I need to be in charges so thing can run better, I need to make more money. I know how to get things right. I have found myself think and asking this any many other questions. I believe that this one area was the grass is not that green however, we can start doing landscaping before we cross over to the other side. Begin to be a leader without a title


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I am have learn to be a leader from a very young age and through my life jouney . As a leader I have made many mistakes and I am sure that before I leave this world I will make some more. I have also learn that I am not alone in the learnship world of mistakes. The oldes of 12 siblings my brother and sisters will tell testify that I suck big time because we all got punish for follow help me with dumb ideas. My first mentors in leadership were my baseball and football coachs. I didn’t know at time that a catcher was the one that dircector of the team on defense. I alway thought the the pitcher was the leader. As I got older I acted like a leader and preform like a leader even though I did not have the title. I learn how to be a leader the hard it call on the training. I feel that I help other by sharing my experience with others.

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