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Why would anyone want to be a manager, supervisor, line leader having to watch over people that should know what is expect from them. Many are throw into a responsibilities of leadership because they are great employees. Others will think I can ran things my way and make more money and get respected. Than we had the by the book leader and he knows everything . Went they fail to accomplish goals and deliver results it because they did not have the right people on the team. Understand that as leaders we answer to leaders for our results good or bad. The sooner we learn how to be servant the easier and better we become as leaders. If you do not like people and believe that you are surround by stupid people I can only suggest you try be a good follower.

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Leaded by Example

I am not going to paint a picture that leadership will be easy but learning to enjoy what you do will help you feel good at the end of the day. As a leader in the army I had to go through Non-Commissioned-Officer training. An Infantry unit most important tool is the feet and making sure that every man packs plenty socks. Also went we are short or long distance patrol it is important that we check every squad members feet and if they have blister do first aid and everyone need to put on clean sock. Make sure our members are ready to take action every one plays important role in combat. I always remember went Jesus Christ wash the disciples. Ten important characteristics that I use and I have notice that the professor in Whitewater use them. I did not include this one in the ten but I mentions early. You needed to love people.

Listening to better serve people and make commitment to listening careful to them and understand what the are saying. To improve your listening skill and give people your full attention. Watch their body language and avoid interrupting them before they are done speaking. This you will be able to give feedback on what the said. Leaders strive to understand people intentions and perspectives. You can be more empathetic by not give your viewpoint and values. Empathy requires us to approach any situation with and open mind. Healing involves supporting them both physically and mentally. Make sure that their is support and resources and your people have knowledge of them. Take steps to help them be happy in their role in the team. Being self-aware is the ability to look at yourself, think deeply about your emotions and behavior, and consider how they affect the people around you and align with your values. Learn to use persuasion rather than your positions to encourage people to take action. Building a team makes it easier. Learn your people’s short and long term goal. You can dream bigger dreams allowing you to help your people see be the bigger or see beyond today. Understanding how to what is likely to happen in the future by looking history learning from past experiences and determine what is happening now, and be willing to except the consequences of your decisions.

  If you are leader or not, you have a responsibility for the things that happen in your company. A leader or team member we need to take responsibility for the actions of our team, and being accountable for the roles team members play in your organization. As leaders we need to  committed to the personal and professional development of the team and every member. The average person spend thirteen years and two months of our life at our employment. So leaders creating a community structure within our organization. By providing opportunities team member meet and interact with others in different departments. Having team lunches and other events design to encourage informal chit chat. Encouraging people to take responsibility and have pride in a job well done. Enjoy being a a manger, supervisors and a baseball coach. I enjoy seeing team successes member and when youth boy make connected to a pitch or make a great play and see the smile and pride on his face is amusing feel that come over me is indescribable. The best perk of leadership.

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