Reynaldo’s Leadership Style

Twenty Four Years Old

At first I was not aware that there were great leaders and forces guiding me to become a leader by becoming a good follower. My training started went my first sister was born and as more siblings came along I got more responsibilities. I wish that I could say that I was a great big brother and awesome leader. I sure that if you survey my first five sibling the disagree would be mark more often. My leadership style was bad and the CEO my mother was very good with the belt and her slippers. Making point that following me would that lesson was handle with her freshly cut switch because they were hard and you swear she had ninja training. The first lesson that sometime bad decision have serious consequence. My second lesson that I should have learned was that it does matter if you are a born leader you still need training.

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Learning and Becoming Leader.

What ever we chose to do in life make it something you love and have fun doing!

I have love baseball from the time I could hold a ball and growing up in south Texas we could play almost all year around. We didn’t have T-Ball but we play street ball. In the fourth grade we I able to play organize fast pitch softball and I became starting catcher and fifth grade I was allow to play Little League Baseball. I was draft into the majors which in there were two leagues minors and majors. It was not common to be drafted in to the major and really did not care cause all I wanted to do is to play. The training began and coach Vera became my sensei for my next fours season and from there on in my first season I became starting catcher and the coach took me aside and told me that the catcher was the leader and a leader leads by ensample I did not understand I just wanted to play and I was up to bat. As I was getting my catcher gear on coach told me that as a catcher had the view whole playing field and to learn how use and take advantage. I did not full understand. The first season we lost seven games and after every game coach would ask me to share what I had learn and from the games we lost he ask the whole team what we have learn. Most of us would learn that mental our head was not in the game. Only the first season did we said that we need more practices. The lesson from that is that we need to always focus on our role in the team. I learn that as leader playing hard every ended gave me the right to go talk to any member of the team to stay in the in the game. I talk to pitcher to focus on me a my glove. Lead by example

In our second season we were able to win nine games and we had five guys that turn thirteen so we had five new players started. Coach ask me to help in practice so I a became an assistant coach and they needed to learn the fundamentals. Each team is allow a roster of fifteen sometime we lose between four to six players. I needed to have people ready to play and more important to have someone to play catcher in case I was injurer I was also a back up pitcher in the second season. I hope that you notice that I am taking more responsibilities as leader. In our third season we won eleven out twelve game and were city champions. We lost two out of three game and the opportunity to move to qualified to get closer the Little League World Series. Coach ask me to share what I had learn that season. First that we had reach our goal to win the city champions. We won our 15 game out 17 and take on the prior years champions and beat them with six run because as a team we made the commitment that we were going to beat them. I also share the all season when we made our mind up to do the impossible we did I talk the game about a game that in the fourth inning we were being spank 12 to 0 and we came back to win 12 to 16. It is not enough to be good you need to believe that your are. Lessons learn is selling the goals. A leader needs to paint the picture of the mission sell the best route to take and went team falls show how to get up and move forward. My last season we made all the way the to the Southwest Regional Little League World Series were we played we lost the first and won two and losing the last game eliminating us out. Many of the team were disappointed as I was. But went the Coach said to us that we lost because we have become prima donnas. He call on me to talk to the team. I was very proud and said that we need to be proud. To think that for that seasons we were the best baseball team in Texas and no one could take that away. Lesson we lost we fell but we fell other time we got up and be came champions of a big state and now I was ready to learn.

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