A love for politics gone too far

Kimberly Wethal

Anyone who knows me could tell you I love to talk politics.

Whether the person I’m talking with loves it or not is a different story.

It took until last month at the Dem Debate where I realized how much I loved it. Politics surround almost every aspect of a person’s life; there’s really no limit to what you can write and report on – the politicians on both sides of the aisle will fight about anything.

It’s gone as far to make me consider adding a poli-sci minor.

For two months this summer, those who know me will have a break from hearing me talk about it – to them, anyways.

I’ll be headed to the heart of Washington, D.C. this summer, where the rush and adrenaline from the one night of the Dem Debate will be my everyday as an intern/student at the Institute of Political Journalism.

I don’t know what media outlet I’ll be working at yet, but I know I’ll be in my own little paradise. Grabbing photos of protestors outside the Supreme Court. Walking the halls of the Capitol trying to grab my next story.

Sure, they’ll have a two-month break – but just imagine what they’ll have to deal with when I get back.

2 thoughts on “A love for politics gone too far

  1. Awesome Kimberly! Congratulations on this awesome opportunity!
    Journalism in the capital sounds as American as it gets.

    You know it is funny to think that people say young people don’t care about politics. But I know so many people interested in politics!

    Out of curiosity not that I was creeping. but was this what you were looking at in Pub. Photography ?

  2. Great job as always Kimberly. I hope you really enjoy and take advantage of this opportunity. I also agree that our generation does care about politics, maybe not as intensely as the older generations but we still care.

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