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Hey there!

My name is Kimberly, and I’m a student journalist at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I’m actually a double major in journalism and electronic media, so if you can’t find me in the Royal Purple office at any point during the week, there’s probably a good chance I’m in the UWWTV studio. I may sleep in the residence halls, but I certainly don’t live there.

My journalism story starts with me as a young pre-teen, carrying a notebook around with her everywhere she went so she could¬†write short stories-turned-novels all day. I moved away from writing my novels (which are deeply buried and shall never see the light of day) to journalism writing as I started high school and realized I probably wasn’t going to write a New York Times bestseller, I needed to make money and I sure didn’t want to be an English teacher for the rest of my life. I adored my English teachers, but the reason I admired them is the exact reason I didn’t want to be in their shoes.

It was my goal to be on the high school newspaper, so I enrolled myself in a journalistic writing class as a sophomore in high school, praying I was going to love journalism as much as I hoped I might.

I enjoyed being a journalist more than I could have other thought I would. Starting at the Norse Star as a high school junior and continued on to an internship at my hometown newspaper, I learned how to accurately report, write stories and develop my skills as a photojournalist.

I then decided to go to UW-Whitewater to pursue a journalism degree, and joined the Royal Purple editorial staff as the Photo Editor, and got involved with UWWTV as a news anchor. As of my fourth semester on campus, I’ve worked my way up to News Editor at the Royal Purple and the News Director for UWWTV.


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