“Digital Nativism, Digital Delusions, and Digital Deprivation”

Jamie Mackenzie’s titled article “Digital Nativism, Digital Delusions, and Digital Deprivation,” explores Marc Prensky’s work and the lack of evidence to support his claims. Marc Prensky establishes many contradictions to his arguments and even degradingly labels pre-iPod humans as “digital immigrants” and the young generation as “young digital natives.” Mackenzie notes in the beginning that those who try to inform society about the digital surge lack substantial evidence to support their claims, expressing that “ they are guilty of arcade scholarship-analysis that is superficial and cartoonish.” Mackenzie then breaks down each of Pensky’s claims and deciphers each one. In regard to the following claims, they are discontinuity, brain change, Generation M, insult after insult, and video games. First, discontinuity mentions how students have changed their style and language. Second, brain change and Generation M are one in the same statements regarding the way education and cognitive functions have differed. Thirdly, insult after insult argues that “digital immigrants” as quoted “think learning can’t (or shouldn’t) be fun. Why should the – they didn’t spend their formative years learning with Sesame Street.” Lastly, the video games stance reflects the never- ending concerns about the effects of violent video games.

It’s interesting how the author terminates all of Pensky ‘s external validity. Individuals like Pensky, who are unaware of the digital world, are quick to judge its irrelevance and lack of connection in reality. Which then leaves them to shun the young generation into believing they are unable to form real relationships offline, nor have any social interaction skills. Being a very debatable topic regarding the difference of generations in the era of technology, one aspect is for certain that there are both pro’s and con’s to each age. Many fail to realize this, thus continuing a generational divide rather than a generational comradery.

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