Semester Review

Reflecting on the semester within new communication technologies, gave an insightful taste and overview of examining how technologies have developed throughout the 21st century and continue to do. It has been quite awhile in since my Graduate studies to investigate mass communication without attaching the communication technology without a theory, and solely examining it for its purposes for audiences. This class helped to review some familiar concepts but also learn additional studies that explore how users intend to use technology to enhance effective communication. Additionally, I learned the new advances communication technologies have demonstrated through the lens of my undergraduate peers and group members.

One of the concepts that I always find fascinating with communication technologies is the generational divide on if technology should be used in the classrooms. As a graduate student and instructional assistant, this causes much reflection and consideration on the technology I allow to be used in my own classroom, as well respecting my own professors’ wishes. Technology can cause many disruptions within classrooms and at times students will not focus on the task at hand, however it allows students to multi-task and even gives them more responsibility and accountability toward their actions when not participating in classroom discussions or assignments. The second concept I found most appealing is the debate on the sufficiency of finding love online, and how it differs from the millennial generation and the baby boomers. Although most are aware of the similarities and differences, there still needs much more research and explanations towards dating online without individuals being unaware of individuals who “catfish.”

Overall, the semester inspired new creative outlooks and even assisted with developing my own strategies towards my thesis. Likewise, it was nice to acquire more knowledge in the area of mass communication rather than primarily focusing on theory and method of conducted studies. I hope to take what I learned this semester and apply it towards my field and also my career in communication.

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