The gear.

Walking into any sporting goods store, or more specifically, an outdoor recreation store like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops will have you massively overwhelmed when it comes to all that you can buy. If you’re not careful you can easily walk out of there spending well over what you intended–and it adds up fast! Knowing this all too well, I will share with you what I would recommend to someone looking to get started fishing. First thing–a fishing pole. There are so many great rods out there ranging from $20 all the way up to hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Bamboo rods even crazier. For someone just getting started, I’d recommend spending no more than $50 on a spinning rod combination. That will suit anyone just fine. Now of course to go with the rod and reel, you’re gonna need some line. Anywhere from 6 -12 pound monofilament line should be all you need in the beginning. The next step is to get a small-sized tackle box or bag (I prefer the bags) to begin storing all of the lures you’ll collect over the years. The bags are also great because they can hold much more than just tackle. Speaking of which, there are two pieces of tackle that are simply must haves. For bass, walleye, pike, musky…All you truly need is a Mepp’s #3 spinner and you’ll be successful. I also enjoy flukes, which are soft-plastic lures. If the bigger game fish don’t suit you so much, for panfish I recommend bobber fishing with live bait called ‘spikes’. They are a small maggots that bluegill, crappie, pumpkinseed, and perch all enjoy. All you gotta do is find the spot! So remember, for your first visit to Cabela’s, you oughta pick a nice combo rod, a small bag or tackle box, a spool of line, some bobbers and just two variants of lure: the mepps and the fluke. For the panfish just buy a few small hooks and live spikes. That’s all folks.


  • Brooke Bescup

    Hello Joseph! I really like your topic and overall look of your blog. I don’t know much about fishing so this definitely gave me more insight and information into gear that people use for fishing! Overall great job, I just have a few suggestions. I think it would be a great add-in if you added some pictures to your post of the gear so people can see what it looks like if they don’t already know! Also maybe breaking up the paragraph and doing a bullet point for each new gear you introduce would help to clarify which gear is which!

  • Alijah Peper

    Good topic to discuss on your blog. I also know from experience how expensive fishing gear can be. People who are new to fishing can wind up spending an arm and a leg if they don’t know what it is they need to start out. I’ve only been fishing a handful of times, but I never heard of anyone using a tackle bag before. I might have to look into one and see if I’d like it better than the tackle box I’ve got. If I could make a suggestion for your blog, I feel like you could incorporate images to go with what your discussing for the week. I feel like that would not only make your blog posts look more appealing, but it would help readers to better understand what your discussing. Looking forward to your next post!

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