Recently I moved into a new dorm. There isn’t much special about it. Your typical college dorm. It is somewhat far away from my classes, maybe like a 10-minute walk. For now, I do not mind it but once the cold months of winter come, I’ll be dreading it. However, there is a food place with a lot of options across the street. I am delighted with this because of the ease to get some food on my way home from classes or late at night when I am just looking for a snack.

My biggest complaint about the dorm is the internet. It is always down. How, in a world where we are expected to do everything online, can we do so when the internet is always down. I try to do homework, internet down. I try to play video games, internet down. I try to stream a movie, internet down. Almost everything I do whether for school or enjoyment uses the internet. It is a very frustrating thing to go through. I am hoping the servers are just struggling at the start and it will get better before the end of the year.

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