I don’t consume a lot of the so-called traditional news. I mostly prefer sports news and entertainment news. I follow a lot of the major sports leagues, NFL, NBA and some of the MLB. Another big thing I follow is the Overwatch League (OWL), an Esports league. That probably is were I consume most of my “news.” To follow these things, I’ll go to ESPN and other small sports websites, or even the Overwatch League website itself. The OWL website puts out a lot of info themselves still because there isn’t as large of a market for it. ESPN will write on it weekly to bi-weekly. I can just go straight to these websites when looking for the news typically. Sometimes I will go to YouTube to watch things they’ve produced. I like a good mixture of news with videos and text, still images are always nice but not needed if you have videos. And podcasts can be great for when I’m on the go. I’ll usually get these from Spotify, YouTube (I guess these aren’t true podcast), or the ESPN app. Each format is nice depending on what I’m doing. I like reading articles while I work out in between sets, listening to podcasts while I either drive or do homework, and videos when I’m just sitting around relaxing.

I think Twitter is an underrated form of me getting my news. Often a reporter or organization will post a report that I’ll click on and take a look at. I never really commented or repost things, on twitter or any other platform. I like to just consume the information for myself and move along. On occasion I will send a link to a friend if I think they will really like it.

My favorite podcast to listen to are The Dan Lebatard Show and PlatChat. Both are humorous sports podcasts found on ESPN and YouTube respectively. A lot of the stuff I’m getting from these really isn’t don’t help me in my day to day life with anything besides enjoyment of their content.


Recently I moved into a new dorm. There isn’t much special about it. Your typical college dorm. It is somewhat far away from my classes, maybe like a 10-minute walk. For now, I do not mind it but once the cold months of winter come, I’ll be dreading it. However, there is a food place with a lot of options across the street. I am delighted with this because of the ease to get some food on my way home from classes or late at night when I am just looking for a snack.

My biggest complaint about the dorm is the internet. It is always down. How, in a world where we are expected to do everything online, can we do so when the internet is always down. I try to do homework, internet down. I try to play video games, internet down. I try to stream a movie, internet down. Almost everything I do whether for school or enjoyment uses the internet. It is a very frustrating thing to go through. I am hoping the servers are just struggling at the start and it will get better before the end of the year.