What Types of Media Do I Like?

News has always been a big thing in recent United States history and it continues to be a growing industry in the evolution of technology. Now, news can reach the entire world within a couple of seconds pressing a button on a computer. Personally, I am not so interested in a lot of mainstream news. I never browse news sites online or read newspapers. Most of the news I consume is purely by accident.

            When scrolling on apps such as TikTok and Instagram, random but personalized videos pop up on screen. That is the only way I find out about news unless someone tells me about some news they heard. But I do not go out actively searching for the most recent and up to date news such as the Channel 6 news. However, some news I am very interested in. Particularly news in my hobbies. I enjoy music, basketball and video games. So when some news in released about some new music dropping, a trade happening in the NBA or new information on an upcoming game to be released, I am very interested. However, I almost always find out through those social media apps. That is just the way I prefer it. It is more simple, in my opinion, to receive news that way. It is also more exciting as well as I never expect news to pop up on my timeline that I’m actually interested in.

            Most of the time, I verify the information about news I receive on social media online. I look up the news, especially if the information seems false. However, there are exceptions. I trust certain people online with the information that they reveal. This is mainly because I have looked up news that I have received from them in the past. For example, with my podcast that I like to listen to, I have been listening to them for a long time. And one of the hosts has a YouTube channel that I have been watching for years. So I trust the information that they talk about. It honestly helps me stay up to date on all the current NBA news.

            The reason why I am not so interested in national or international news most of the time is because I am of the mentality that there is nothing I can do about it anyway. I like to worry about things that I can control and not worry about things I can’t. While some people may say that it is my civil duty to know about current news, I simple do not agree. And it is my right to consume whatever news or media that I want.

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