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In National/International level of news, the pieces of news that I’m really interested in are the war going on in Ukraine involving Russia and the host nation. This really interests me because it’s cool to see how Ukraine is responding with the attacks from Russia and how the Russians invade. On the state level it was interesting to me how the COVID news affected me going from county to county and multiple news stations giving daily updates on the newest numbers whether that be news cases or new deaths. On the local level, I like to keep updates on news that involves crime from murder to carjacking to arson. There are no particular stories that I’m monitoring on a daily basis, I jump around from story to story every couple days. I do follow news from my hometown, one way is TMJ4 which hardly ever reports on Elkhorn which is my hometown. There is another way I get the news from Elkhorn and that’s the Elkhorn Independent which is our local newspaper. The newspaper has everything from jobs to sports and reports about the local towns and cities around it as well and that includes East Troy, Burlington, Lake Geneva and several others. I mainly find myself ending up on FOX News for national news because it is a site that I can trust when I type in a address, sometimes TMJ4 for local news. My favorite news site is FOX News. Some things about the site that appeal to me are it has many different options of news along with previews of shows on the TV channel of what is coming up to watch. I only use Google to find news, nothing else I can’t trust other sites that I don’t know any background information on. When I consume news, I usually get it through text and news videos on my specific news channel that I watch at home and the newspaper that my family gets. I think the news video is my favorite way to get news just because I can see how car accidents or shootings happen. I rarely ever post comments on news stories, I feel like I have opinions and I would rather not share them, if it’s concerning, yes I will. I have emailed a reporter in fact it was Lance Allan who does sports on TMJ4. I emailed him asking him a question about sports reporting, his college experience, etc. I have not submitted any pictures to any news outlets. I get my news mainly off Facebook and that includes sports, politics, etc. I rely on Instagram for mainly sports stories. I don’t use Twitter at all because I just don’t find it useful and it could be corrupt with all the other news about it with Elon Musk, etc. I don’t listen to blogs or podcasts, I’ve just never had the time to get around to it. One step I take to find out if a source is reliable is I check the web address to see if it is real like .gov, .org, etc. I have not found a news story that turned out to be fake on a real website.

Exercise 4 J237 Jobs Speech

Jobs gives commencement speech at Stanford, talks about connecting the dots, love and loss and death.

Answers to Questions provided in Exercise 4 assignment.

Steve Jobs was 67 years old when he gave his commencement speech at Stanford University.

His wife’s name is Laurene Powell Jobs.

He founded NeXT, Apple Inc. and the Apple Store.

He attended Reed College, Reed College is located in Portland, Oregon.

Steve Wozniak was a co-founder of Apple Inc. with Steve Jobs.

John Sculley is the man who ended up forcing Jobs out of the company. He previously worked at PepsiCo.

Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech to the graduates of the Stanford 2005 graduating class.

Jobs first talked about connecting the dots by talking about how he was a dropout of Reed College. Then, he talked about how he created the now company, Apple Inc. The computer that Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak created the NeXT computer, the very first computer Apple created.

The NeXT computer when it was invented was $10,000! That is more than anyone could afford back in those days, but then again it was basically the first good piece of technology.

“Don’t lose faith”, Jobs said. This quote relates to him dropping out of college and creating a top tech producing company in the world today.

“I had been rejected but was still in love” was what Jobs said when he got let go from the company that he created in 1984. John Sculley, a very smart man who was brought in by Jobs to work with him, eventually got Jobs fired from his own company.

Jobs, after he was let go by the board of Apple, said he needed a revival of spirit. Bob Noyce one of Jobs’ good friends, one of the founders of Intel, came to him and what Noyce said to Jobs really “revived his spirit”. Jobs used this in his speech, saying to the graduates, “If you get knocked down, get up again”. Don’t stay down because you could be missing very important things happening in your life all around you whether that be college related or career related.

Jobs told the graduates that he was an autodidact. This means that Jobs taught him self about everything that he wanted to know. A good example of this is at college he taught himself calligraphy. He eventually taught himself everything he needed to know about computers and everything technology.

This is how Jobs talked about Love and Loss, by getting up if you get knocked down.

His final point that he told the graduates was about death. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. He died 6 years after he gave the speech in 2011 when he unfortunately lost his battle with the cancer.

“Stay young and stay foolish”. This was a quote that Jobs said to the grads. This basically means the energy and outlook of the future is what you want it to be, don’t just stick to one thing.

Exercise 3 – Journalism 237

Exercise 3

Journalism 237

Evan Christman

Event that I’m covering: Preview of the upcoming Women’s Basketball season

*             After their dream run in the 2022 NCAA tournament came to a surprising halt against Hope College in the championship game last year, the Warhawks are ready to get back out on the court and see if they can go back to the final four or even the championship game. The Warhawks will tip off the season with a home tournament against the Carroll Pioneers and the Millikin Big Blue. Then they will host their Sweet 16 foe from last year, the Illinois Wesleyan Titans then travel to Ripon College, another tournament team last year and then travel to Edgewood College. 4 out of the first 5 teams are tournament teams from last year.

Abby Guthrie a sophomore on the team this year for the Warhawks stated, “A goal this season for myself is to contribute to the team in anyway I can.” Guthrie also stated that, “This year is a lot different from last year in the way that there are six new freshmen on the team and lots of high expectations this year due to last year not being enough for us.”

Yssa Santo Domingo, a 5th year senior on the team this year says, “A goal this season for me is to win the National Championship, we have come close, but we haven’t finished the job.” She continues, “Leading the freshmen this season is going to be very interesting to see because they all provide different skill levels and getting them to just buy into the program.”

Head Coach Keri Carollo entering her 21st season with the program, commented saying, “My goal as head coach for this season is to win the National Championship and getting better each day.” Carollo also commented, “The goal is to incorporate the new freshmen into the offense, obviously they bring in different skill sets, and we have to adapt to include them.”

The D3 preseason poll has not come out yet, but the Warhawks finished #3 behind the Trine Thunder and the Hope College Flying Dutchmen, WIAC teams also finishing in Top 25 were UW-Oshkosh and UW-Eau Claire. Some WIAC teams that I think are going to be good are UW-Oshkosh, UW-Eau Claire, and a surprise team this year could be the UW-River Falls Falcons. Kacie Carollo, a sophomore on the team said they have a lot of young and upcoming talent.

Exercise 2 Blog

8-year-old hit by car and dragged, good Samaritan comes to rescue

Joseph Brown, a student here at UW-Whitewater. He is 23 years of age. In September 2014, Joseph saw an accident occur on Edgerton Ave. in Milwaukee, WI.

He witnessed an 8-year-old get hit by a car and get dragged because the driver did not stop. When he was 15 years old, he would be forced to walk to school because the school did not have enough parking. He also didn’t have his permit.

 The child that got hit was Joe’s little brother’s best friend, named Isiah. The school bus pulled up to the stop, 3 kids get off, Isiah lives across the street from the bus stop.

Joe’s brother comes to him, Isiah looks both ways twice across the street. Joe’s brother who loves birds looks at a bird, meanwhile, Joe turns around and at this point Isiah is hit head on by the car.

 The car continued to drive, not knowing they hit Isiah. Brown says. “Tears were streaming down my face when I turned around and saw Isiah getting dragged.”

All of the people around were flabbergasted at what just happened. Joe at this time was an Eagle Scout, Joe decided to run in front of the car, which continued driving. Joe then turns and goes to the driver side of the car and pulls the driver out.

Everybody starts running to help Isiah as he is still under the car and Joe is calming him down at this point. Isiah is transported to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

Brown was interviewed by police when they arrived at the scene. The firefighters said that one more wheel rotation would have killed Isiah. Brown responded, “What do you mean?”. Brown also responded with, “I did not help Isiah for the awards or recognition, I did it to be a good neighbor.”

Brown was eventually awarded a plaque by Gov. Scott Walker. Brown was at Labor Fest in Milwaukee; Secret Service took them backstage to speak at Pres. Barack Obama’s speech during the festival.

All in all, Isiah ended up with a few broken bones and collapsed lung.

Hawks Nest Updates – Sports

By: Evan Christman

I’m Evan Christman, a journalism major here at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. I’m a huge supporter of Warhawk Athletics whether it be women’s basketball, football or baseball, you can find me supporting the Warhawks whenever they are at home. I’m also one of the student section leaders here along with five other great guys to cheer alongside of. Throughout this blog, I will update you on the fall athletic teams and how they are doing thus far into the season. Also, a special treat for you guys, taking you in depth of the Warhawk women’s basketball schedule who were national runner ups last year in the Division 3 National Championship to the Hope College Dutch. Let’s get started!

Men’s Tennis

The men’s tennis team just got done hosting the Warhawk invite on September 9th and 10th, no team scores were posted. This team has always been loaded with talent, and I expect no different this year. One of the matches that I’m looking forward to is when the Warhawks don’t travel far to Chicago, Ill. to face the Case Western Reserve Spartans on April 8th. Case Western Reserve knocked the Warhawks team out of the NCAA tournament this year and they also knocked out our individual players playing in the individual bracket. It’s safe to say Whitewater wants revenge.

Men’s Cross Country/Women’s Cross Country

Both men’s and women’s cross country teams are coming off top 3 finishes at the Ken Weidt Invite hosted by the Concordia (WI) Falcons. Men finished 1st and women finished in 2nd. These teams I expect to make some noise in regionals, but not go any further. One of their scheduled meets is at UW-La Crosse on October 15th, the Drews/Neubauer Invite. Both the men and women will be at this meet for the Warhawks, and this is a big chance to prove themselves against the powerhouse UW-La Crosse.


Where do I start with this team, upsetting the #1 team in the nation?! On September 10th, UW-Whitewater shocked the Division 3 world by dethroning the defending National Champions, the Mary Hardin Baylor Crusaders. The Crusaders were undefeated until that day, their last loss, December 7th, 2019 vs the Warhawks. The Warhawks next scheduled game is September 17th at Mount Berry, Georgia taking on the Berry College Vikings. Berry is receiving votes in the D3 poll. I expect a win, but you never know with these types of teams, they can upset you.

Men’s Soccer

After a tough 3-0 loss to a ver ygood Saint John’s Johnnies team, the men’s team is back in action on Wednesday, Sep. 14th taking on the Luther Norse which is always a fun and physical matchup for the Warhawks. Theme for the student section is WHITEOUT!! Cooper Re is a breakout freshman from Kimberly, WI had two goals for the Warhawks in a season opening win vs the Webster Gorloks.

Women’s Golf

After a 5th place finish at the Wartburg Invite, the Warhawks are back in action on September 17th and 18th when they travel to Bloomington, Ill. for the Illinois Wesleyan Titans who got 1st place in the Wartburg Invite, a good test for this Warhawk team. The Warhawks have a 1st place finish under their belt this season so far, they finished 1st at the Shootout on the Border Invite hosted by the Carthage Firebirds.

Women’s Soccer

Minnesota… We own the state of Minnesota, by this I mean, the Warhawks took home two wins against the St. Scholastica Saints (2-0) and the Augsburg Auggies (2-1). They return home to play with the men’s team also this Wednesday and the same opponent, the Luther Norse. The Warhawks are 4-6-3 against the Norse all time and are looking to flip the script. I think a key matchup for the Warhawks this year is October 15th vs the UW-Eau Claire Blugolds, as UWEC knocked the Warhawks out of the WIAC conference tournament last year on our home field. Theme for the student section is also WHITEOUT!!!

Women’s Volleyball

After wrapping up the UW-Oshkosh Invite and going 2-2 during that time, the Warhawks will travel back to Oshkosh to face their rivals, the Titans. This should be a great matchup as both teams are high in the standings. I think the Warhawks will pull this match out but not in straight sets. It will go 4 or 5. The two losses at the UW-Oshkosh Invite came to the Bethel (MN) Royals and the Millikin Big Blue.

Women’s Basketball

Full Schedule Preview:

I see this team going back to the NCAA Tournament and possibly going back to the National Championship, the 1st true test for the Warhawks will either be Novemeber 11th vs the Carroll Pioneers or on January 11th vs the UW-Oshkosh Titans, both home games. Some key players to look out for this season is 5th year senior, Yssa Sto. Domingo, one of our best 3 point shooters along with Kacie Carollo who is going to have a outstanding sophomore year in my opinion.

Hawks Nest Sports Updates

By: Evan Christman

My name is Evan Christman, I would say I am the biggest supporter of Warhawk athletics! I go to every sporting event I can possibly go to (academics come first though), I’m currently a sophomore here at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater studying journalism with a emphasis on broadcast, print and web. Today, I’m here to talk about how the fall athletic teams are doing this far into the season as well as a look into the National runner ups from last year, the Warhawk women’s basketball team! Let’s get started!

Men’s Tennis

So far, the men’s tennis team has had the Warhawk Invite, no team scores were posted, this team has a very interesting schedule, they head out to Palm Desert, CA on March 24th-March 31st for their annual spring trip. If I could highlight one huge match on their schedule it would be April 8th when they play the Case Western Reserve Spartans in Chicago. Now, Case Western Reserve is a very good tennis squad. But, if the Warhawks can find some way through these tough Spartans and defeat them, the Warhawks have a very good chance of going deep in the NCAA Team Tournament.

Men’s Cross Country

The men’s cross country team is off to a great start this year after grabbing 1st place overall as a team at the Ken Weidt Invitational hosted by the Concordia (WI) Falcons. The next huge event for this team is October 15th when the team travels to UW La Crosse for the Drews/Neubauer Invite, this is a chance for the team to prove themselves against one of the best teams in the nation, the host, UW La Crosse. If the Warhawks can get top 7, I see us making some noise in the NCAA North Regional hosted by St. Olaf College come November 12th.

Men’s Soccer

After a tough loss to the Saint John’s Johnnies today (9/11/2022), losing 3-0, the Warhawks look to get back on track and improve their record to 4-2 with the Luther Norse coming into town. Luther has always played the Warhawks tough. In fact, the Warhawks are 4-6-3 all time whe nthey play Luther. This is not a good stat in my opinion, but this Warhawk team looks very good this year with some key freshmen coming in including Cooper Re who netted two goals in a season opening win vs the Webster Gorloks. Two main matches that I would keep an eye on for the Warhawks coming up are when they play the Loras College Duhawks for the Hawk Cup and when they host the UW-Platteville Pioneers to finish off the regular season before the conference tournament. Not only are both of these matches for trophies, they are both very tough matches for the Warhawks regularly.


Where do I begin with this team, upsetting the #1 ranked Mary Hardin Baylor Crusaders at HOME! What a game! The next match for the now #4 ranked Warhawks will be at Mount Berry, Georgia when they take on the Berry College Vikings in their final non-conference matchup before conference play begins.

Women’s Cross Country

The Warhawks took 2nd out of 7 teams also at Concordia, I don’t see this team making as much noise as the men’s team but we’ll see where the season leads them.

Women’s Golf

After a 5th place finish at the Wartburg Invite, the women’s golf team looks to their next match, the Illinois Wesleyan Invite, hosted by the Titans who actually just took 1st place at Wartburg. The women’s golf team has a first place finish under their belt, that was their first match of the season at Carthage. I can see this team sending a few players to regionals, maybe further, I don’t think we will send the team though.

Women’s Tennis

After a 5-2 win over the Cardinal Strich Wolves today (9/11/2022), the Warhawks look to stay undefeated as they will host the UW-La Crosse Eagles on September 17th. This team is looking dangerous thus year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to upset either Northern Illinois or UW-Milwaukee, the two Division 1 teams they will play this year. I think this team will be the #1 seed in the Final Four AQ Tourney for the WIAC Conference.

Women’s Soccer

After owning the state of Minnesota the past couple days with wins coming over Augsburg and St. Scholastica, the Warhawks will also play September 14th as they also will play and host the Luther Norse, the Warhawks success on the women’s side is just a tad bit better going 7-3 all time when these two face off. I see this team having tons of talent in the next couple years but not making it out off the conference tournament this year which takes place November 2nd-November 6th.

Women’s Volleyball

This team has some big expectations this year after falling to the Otterbein Cardinals last year in the NCAA Tournament. So far, in my opinion, I think they have met these as they are 7-2 so far only losing to Bethel (MN) and Millikin. This team has a chance to win as they were preseason 2nd in the WIAC conference poll. UW-Eau Claire was picked first.