Evil twins just got a whole lot scarier!

For today’s Film in Review, I’m going to be reviewing Jordan Peele’s second horror film, Us.


Introing the film, we meet a family who is going on a vacation in Santa Cruz to the mom’s childhood home. Upon their arrival they encounter a group of doppelgangers who embark on a night of horror.

Peele has really created an atmosphere of what I can only describe as ‘creepy’ in us. He takes a rather patient and sometimes slow approach to horror that really pays off and compliments the tone of the film. He uses a mix of quickness and patiences in his shots and framing that ultimately does a great job at drawing the audience in. The soundtrack and scoring of the film is off-putting and messes with the viewers mind in a way that only adds to the horror.

” A sharp, often funny meditation on the terrifying power of human connection. “

Hannah Giorgis – The Atlantic

The story Us tells is very complex and layered. On its surface it is a horror, physiological-thriller movie, however, the film tackles a societal issue of classism. As a sociology major, I personally thoroughly enjoy Peele’s approach of making horror films that aim to do more than just scare you. For this reason, I’m giving Us a 4.7/5 stars.

Check of the trailer for Us here!
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