If Marvel met horror…

For today’s, Film in Review, we’re going to be taking a look at David Yarovesky’s Brightburn.


A couple who is trying to have a child, finds a baby inside a meteorite that crashes onto their farm. They go on to raise the child as their own noticing that when he turns 12, things about him start to change. He begins to discover that he has superpowers. However, he doesn’t use his power for good.

The movie itself is only 90 minutes long, so in some parts the plot can feel thin. This may have been intentional though, as it would leave more room for plot development in a sequel. The story progresses really well and ultimately builds to what you think is the climax, then abruptly stops, only to pick itself right back up. I found that I really enjoyed the rollercoaster ride.

The ending suggests a sequel may be in the offing. It was the only moment that will truly fill you with terror.

-Rolling Stone

Overall, Brightburn is a fresh twist on superhero/sci-fi/horror genre. I enjoyed it for what it was and found it to be entertaining. I give this movie a 2.6/5.

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