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    New Digs

    Our plants have outgrown the confined spaces of their little rock-flavored cotton candy housing and are ready to let loose their roots! However, in order to set them up for success, we’re going to want to ensure their new home is as ideal a habitat as possible. This means giving them the right nutrients (referred to as “noots” from here on out) mixed into a solution that is the right PH level (acidity level). We combine these three bags into our gallon of distilled water in measured increments. for arugula, I’ve read suggestions of maintaining a PH level between 5.6 and 6.2 . From what I gather the acidity level…

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    I shall call him…Tim

    This is just going to be a quick little post before the weekend. My Arugula, which I have named Tim, has sprouted! The mint looks like it’s showing signs of sprouting, but we’ll give it some more time over the weekend. As mentioned in my first post, I didn’t have much interest in horticulture prior to this little endeavor. I must admit though, that I feel myself getting somewhat attached to my little green buddy here.

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    The Begetting

    Before we jump into the full blown Kratky system that I talked about in my first post, We’re gunna have to get an initial sprout out of our seeds. For this purpose I got some ourselves some rock wool from a home and garden store for less than $20. We’re gunna soak this Fiberglass-like substance with tap water and stick our little seeds in there. Rock wool works well for this because of it’s porous and spongy texture, which retains water and gives the seedling a little nest to settle in. I also decided that along side my arugula I’m going to try my hand at planting some mint, which…

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    The Thrift-ening

    From what I can tell, Indoor gardening is similar to many other hobbies in that the financial “barrier of entry” is both wide and sort of superficial depending on how you approach it. The upward boundaries on how much one can spend on starting equipment can seem ludicrous. I myself am a man of modest means (I’m cheap). Therefore, my documented experience with hydroponics will be undertaken with the most diligent of frugalness. No super expensive indoor grow lamps or complicated/intricate filtration systems here. Just some Scrappy DIY gardening on a shoestring budget. To that end, I started by hitting up my local Thrift shops. Thrifting is a great way…

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    The Journey Begins!

    Welcome to my little corner of the internet!  Join me as I learn about the fun little hobby of indoor gardening! My name is Stewart and I will be using this blog as a space to document my exploration of different growing techniques and (hopefully) growing some different kinds of indoor plants and vegetables. I will try and take note of any questions that came into my head while doing my research, and conveying the lessons I learn via weekly reports on my successes and failures (hopefully more of the former). If you’re reading this and have any friendly advise, questions, or comments, please share! Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve…