The Global Game Jam® 2017 is run by an amazing team working within the spirit of the jam. They do it so that people from all over can get together and create and innovate together in games spaces. The GGJ team largely trusts that everyone operates within that same mindset. Global Game Jam is not a competition, it’s a creative experience.

Please follow these guidelines to make it the best experience possible for everyone involved;

1. Keep the theme a secret until @GlobalGameJam announces it on Twitter . Please keep one of the world’s biggest secrets within your site until everyone is jamming.

2. Global Game Jam® has a Code of Conduct and expects everyone involved in the event to abide by it – don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.

3. All teams are expected to upload a playable version or links/instructions to enable visitors to the game page to play their game. Upload is to commence by 3pm local time. Servers will be closed for uploads after the jam ends.

4. You must share any code and assets used for creating the game, that you are legally allowed to share without breaking any other legal agreements. So don’t share any code belonging to your employer or anyone except yourself or anything that is under NDA or similar. Global Game Jam® is about creating learning opportunities. Do contribute to this by allowing people to tinker with the results of your game.

5. All Uploads (code, assets, executables, etc) will be shared and licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

6. Global Game Jam is a vibe. All decisions as to what is fair game should be considered with regards to what is best for an international learning and sharing game development community. Use tools and assets you are allowed to use to create and upload a game under creative commons. Upload ​*at*​minimum a playable game to the Global Game Jam® website and ideally the source code/assets for educational purposes. The games remain their creators to do what they want with, within their licence agreements, after the Global Game Jam® 2016

7. Look out for each other, learn, create and have fun!