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Don’t Play League of Legends Because You Like Arcane

November 23, 2021

Hey! Did ya hear?! The new League of Legends inspired series, Arcane Is now available to stream on Netflix. People like it so much that it stole Squid Game’s thunder and people are raving about the strong characters and themes about classism and other important topics. Personally, I was not expecting too much, but I was thoroughly surprised myself (and I’m not just saying that because my favorite champion, Heimerdinger, has a supporting role). But for those who don’t play League of Legends, you may be wondering, “Should I watch the series if I don’t know anything about League of Legends?” and the short answer is yes. I do think that it is a lot easier to understand the context of these characters if you know a basic understanding of the lore behind the game, but between the visuals, music, storytelling, characters, and themes, Arcane is a fantastic masterpiece that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Having said all of that though, I want to make it very clear: do not play League of Legends just because you like Arcane. On its own, the game has a learning curve and a lot of skill, which only comes with a lot of time and practice, and even then, that doesn’t guarantee that you will be good at the game (just ask my professor, poor guy). League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), meaning that you are pitted against other players, likely with the same or similar skillset and experience that you do. As these people also go through the growing pains of learning how to play the game, you are almost certainly going to be subject to hate and less than desirable players. I’ve had my fair share of these people, and they have made me step away from the game before, and the truth is, not everyone can handle that long term, as those kinds of people tend to be bad for one’s mental health.

Another reason to reconsider playing the game because of Arcane is the skill level of some of the champions you find in the series. There are eight notable champions featured in the series, and I know for a fact that five of them have a YouTube essay explaining why no one plays that champion, and a lot of those champions have harder mechanics and kits that don’t make them as viable when it comes to the game meta (what is deemed popular and/or playable on a mainstream level). While a couple of examples are easier, entry level champions (Jinx and Caitlyn come to mind), the role these two champions play in-game is one of the harder roles to pick up.

If you really decide that one day you want to play League of Legends, I can’t stop you. But for your own sake, please do not disappoint yourself by playing the game because of Arcane. Please enjoy both entities for what they are overall, even if the two are tied together.

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