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Don’t Play League of Legends Because You Like Arcane

November 23, 2021

Hey! Did ya hear?! The new League of Legends inspired series, Arcane Is now available to stream on Netflix. People like it so much that it stole Squid Game’s thunder and people are raving about the strong characters and themes about classism and other important topics. Personally, I was not expecting too much, but I […]

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In A Nutshell: Civilization V

November 14, 2021

My origins in gaming really started with strategy games. My dad, being the absolute nerd he is, had various CDs of games he would spend hours at the computer playing. I was exposed to Age of Empires, Age of Wonders II, and Age of Mythology from a very young age, with the latter of the […]

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KT’s Spotlight: The Forest

November 5, 2021

I am a sucker for survival games. I absolutely love them. Ever since I played through Raft with my crush-turned-partner, I found myself craving to play a game like it. I think there’s something really intriguing about the survival genre and it’s very compelling. Of course, there’s always Minecraft, but it’s so accessible to a […]

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