A Dog’s Love


There’s been sort of running joke, albeit some people are serious when they say this, but the saying of people prefer dogs over humans have appeared on many social media outlets and this video could potentially give a good justification on this statement. The joy and happiness that dogs bring to people is very evident in this video labeled pet reunions.

The video highlights some of the most adorable and heartfelt reunions and interactions between dog and dog owner with hide and seek moments to coming home from work and being licked all over by man’s best friend. For me, you can’t deny that dogs are extremely loyal and intelligent and just love the company of people, even little kids! For me personally, I’ve never owned a dog but being good friends with other friends who had dogs and being around them a lot it’s safe to say if there is one investment I want to make after college if I’m financially able to, without hesitation would be to get a dog. It’s clear to see in this video that dogs really do love their owners and as cheesy as this sounds are professional smile makers. Get ready to be in the feels with this one and take a moment to admire this one of a kind animal.

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