Deforestation…Nah Not In Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a total land area of about 34.7 million acres, and about 46% of that area is covered by trees.  In the late 1800s or early 1900s, most of Wisconsin timber was cut down for agriculture or just for plain old timber itself.  I continue to believe that Wisconsin’s forest is being cut down at an alarming rate due to the need for agricultural land. I believe this because every time I go up north where I hunt, I continue to see the very forests I hunted in getting cut down and used for cranberry bogs or for potato, corn, or soybean fields. However, my eyes have only seen a specific part of Wisconsin get changed drastically by deforestation.

On the contrary, Wisconsin is gaining more forested land ever than before. This is due to multiple factors, but one that is most important is that about more than 50% of Wisconsin forested land is owned by individual landowners. The DNR has continued to educate landowners on the benefit of forest management and wildlife habitat and it seems to be working well. The DNR can help landowners figure out when certain areas are ready to be cut and help identify changes within the woodlot.  In addition to the DNR helping landowners, the landowners also receive property tax relief because they either manage their land for recreation, timber income, or wildlife habitat.  Therefore, my initial thought of Wisconsin forests being cut down at an alarming rate was wrong and the DNR has actually allowed for Wisconsin’s forests to flourish.

17 thoughts on “Deforestation…Nah Not In Wisconsin”

  1. I dont think people realize how important forests are. It is really sad to see millions of trees cut down each year. I hope people are planting as many trees as they are taking away.

  2. I’m so glad your website is dedicated to this cause. I hope it can make a difference!

    As for the article, I know that my Grandpa has a farm in Wisconsin, and not only does he try to not cut down current trees, he works with the Prarie Restoration Project to keep native Wisconsin plants happening in Wisconsin.

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  5. I recently broke into a clear cut on DNR public land that is not visible from any road. Springwater Township Wild Rose WI, Willow Creek Fishery Area. I hunted this property with my father, introduced these woods to my son in law and in the future would have walk/hunted them with my new grandson. No more, now it is total devastation. Selective cutting for the health of a woodland and the benefit of wildlife yes but clearcutting this property is nothing short of a crime against nature and sportsman/public who respect, cherish and value the privilege of having had the opportunity to experience it. This property is now lost to impenetrable debris, future scrub/ buckthorn and wildlife habitat loss for at least a decade and beyond. Adjacent is Willow Creek, a class 1 fast running clear stream with a self sustainable trout population. This stream is now susceptible to silt runoff/soil erosion due to no soil erosion measures in place while logging to the edge of known wetlands bordering the stream itself. Also the loss of canopy promotes thermal rise due to shade along the stream being removed. The DNR does not own this land, they are civil servant land managers acting on our behalf, we, the people of Wisconsin who are the rightful owners of all state and public land within our borders. This prescribed blight is nothing short of shameful and a despicable travesty. Please speak out.

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