What is your favorite part about a dog?

When I meet someone who loves dogs just as much as I do, I always feel the need to ask which part of a dog is your favorite? I know this question is pretty tough but hopefully diving into each aspect of a pup will help you narrow it down! Obviously, dog lovers everywhere love all aspects of dogs because there is nothing ever wrong with them, but it is always fun to discuss our favorite parts.

The following do not include EVERY aspect of a dog, but just a few general characteristics that catch our attention when looking at our pups.


Hear! Hear! Hear! Dog ears come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. There are long and droopy ears that are longer than the dogs legs, short and perky ears that make us feel like our dog is listening in on everything, and even ears that are half up and half down! One of my favorite things about dogs ears are that they represent their emotion. For example, if I were to ask my dog Lily “are you hungry?”, her ears would immediately perk and stick straight up, signalizing that she is very hungry and would LOVE some food. Due to the fact that dogs ears represent how they’re feeling, dog owners can also sense when their dog is upset or they sense a feeling or danger. In fact, people can often feel safer with a dog at home because of a dogs instinct.


My all time favorite part of a dog (as of right now), has to be their nose. Whether the nose being black, brown, pink, short, or long, I just love how every dog’s nose is a little different. The way the tip of their nose moves back and forth when they’re sniffing or when they are smiling from ear to ear and their nostrils are moving in and out, are some of my favorite things about a dogs nose.

Another thing about a dogs nose that I love is something called “booping.” Yes this sounds a little weird, but “booping” is where a dog’s nose is softly touched or “booped” by their owner. Dogs rely on their noses to go about their daily life, so they’re very protective of their snouts, so before you “boop” your dogs snout, make sure they love it just as much as you.


I do have to admit that cats have super cute paws and they are fun to play with, but nothing beats a big and bulky paw messing at your leg when your dog wants attention. My favorite part about dogs “feet” is the fact that you can hear them running around the house. Back at home, I can tell the difference between how my two dog’s paws sound on the floors. For example, when my dogs are coming upstairs when they’re not supposed to, I know which one is going to walk in first, just based on the sound of their nails on the floor. I can also notice if they are getting into food or something they’re not supposed to, just because if I hear them walking around too much when no one is downstairs, I know they’re being naughty.


The common quote “eyes are the window to the soul” definitely applies to not only humans, but dogs as well. The first thing I look at when I’m looking at any human are their eyes, and it is the same thing for dogs. When I’m looking into the eyes of a dog, I like to think I can understand them and they can understand me. The first thing I noticed about my dog Lily were her sweet and adorable eyes that made her look so innocent and loving. As for my old dog Moxie, the first time I saw her eyes, I knew she was going to be one crazy pup! My family and I would prepare ourselves for a crazy outburst of energy when we saw Moxie’s eyes get wider, giving us a little time to run away before she goes nuts! But as time went on and I had more time with Moxie, her eyes were the best thing about her. She had little brown hairs right above her eye, so in the sun it looked like she was wearing eye shadow.

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